Freude EN

What brightens up your life?

☐ Success at work

☐ Success with women

☐ Mischief

People need goals. And discipline.
And sometimes, a moment of
leaving both behind

Enjoy life

Sometimes we’re sad. Sometimes we’re happy. Sometimes we just want to be alone. Sometimes we want to hug everyone. Life is light and dark, and that’s what makes it great.

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What gets you most excited?

☐ a new project

☐ a new car

☐ a drawing by my daughter

We’re all looking for happiness. And generally, it finds us somewhere completely different.


Boxer Josephine Weiss

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Where do you draw strength from?

☐ from sport

☐ from healthy eating

☐ from humour

If you like yourself you're doing something right – and if you really like yourself, you’re already


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What makes your day easier

☐ Car sharing

☐ Smartphone

☐ Prosecco

So many responsibilities, so little time. Sometimes you just need a little theory of relativity in your life.



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What is your goal?

☐ my own house

☐ my own company

☐ my own opinion

Wealth makes life enjoyable. Particularly inner wealth.


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What makes you happy?

☐ a completed project

☐ a pay rise

☐ a Calzone pizza

Happiness comes neither by accident nor as a result of hard work. It’s a question of attitude.


Wadensocken Braun

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Who are you most impressed by?

☐ Winston Churchill

☐ Steve Jobs

☐ Homer Simpson

We have to take our work seriously, otherwise it goes wrong. But we also have to be able to laugh at ourselves – otherwise everything goes wrong.


Poloshirt Pierrette – sportlich-elegant in den Frühling

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What does luxury mean to you?

☐ an Italian sports car

☐ a Swiss pilot watch

☐ a freshly made bed

The difference between expensive and valuable is that you can’t buy valuable.


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How do you relax?

☐ by cancelling appointments

☐ by switching off the phone

☐ by taking a trip to the toilet with a car magazine

Modern life makes constant demands of us. So it’s no surprise that we sometimes don’t have any spare time.