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Funky Socks - unique & colorful socks

If your wardrobe were a band, your socks would play the drums. They set the rhythm. They hold the band together. Everything is geared to them. Funk is rhythm. Funky socks set your rhythm. Step to the beat.

Philipp Fankhauser's Funky Socks make your outfit resound. Play music with every step. Experience music in your toes.

Philipp Fankhauser

Other The new Funky Socks Volume 7 have arrived

The new Funky Socks Volume 7 have arrived

They will take you on a stroll down a dreamy Cuban promenade, along the beach and to Havana’s hotspots – with lively Cuban sounds ringing in your ears. Pull them on your feet and let yourself be whisked away.

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Other NEW: Funky Socks Volume 6

NEW: Funky Socks Volume 6

Light-hearted colours liven up your outfit. The new Funky Socks – Volume 6 add a touch of magic to your look and will immediately take the lead in your wardrobe. Give your life the right rhythm.

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Other FUNKY SOCKS Volume 5


Rhythm in your soul is yesterday’s news: now rhythm also comes feet-sized. At last, the Funky Socks Volume 5 have arrived. They won’t make your life easier, they won’t make it sweeter: but they will make it more colourful.

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Other Funky Socks Volume 4

Funky Socks Volume 4

There's no business like show business – but that's yesterday's story: today's fashion-conscious man needs much more for an entertaining evening. Staying true to the motto «Step to the beat», the new Funky Socks NINETEEN to TWENTY-FOUR will keep you partying all night long.

Whether zigzags, dots or checks, colourful Funky Socks will put you in a good mood.

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Other Funky Socks Volume 3

Funky THIRTEEN: Sandig mit blau-violetten Streifen
Funky Socks Volume 3

Inspired by coolness of the sea and the heat of the sun, worn every day and accompanied by music. Take a look.

Other Funky Socks Volume 2

Funky SEVEN: Edles Bordeauxrot mit orangen, pinken und weissen Streifen
Funky Socks Volume 2

Autumnal shades with the rhythm of the beat make everyday a fun day. Whether striped, dotted or checked, these are made to please. Give them a try.

Other Funky Socks Volume 1

Funky ONE
Funky Socks Volume 1

Colours and shapes to an orchestral beat to keep you in rhythm. Unfortunately, some are already SOLD OUT. Make sure you can get hold of one of the last few.


Funky Socks BLACK Special

Our Funky Socks edition is limited, meaning that we don’t need an additional special series. Funky Sock are the direct descendants of our tried-and-tested “Business light” socks made from mercerised cotton – in a way, our Funky Socks BLACK Special.

Business light socks

Teodor Novchev
Great socks and even better service.
Phil Clarke
Great socks, lot's of fun to wear. Blacksocks is a WIN!
Kevin Ford
Good quality products.
Travis Abreu
Good comfortable socks and yes, so funky and cool ...
Dennis Smaggus
Calgary, AB

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