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Cashmere – the finest nature has to offer

Cashmere is one of the finest and most valuable natural fibres there is. It is made from the wool of the cashmere goat. To protect themselves against the cold temperatures in their natural habitat of the Himalayas, the goats have developed a particularly fine, soft and thick under-layer of wool that protects them in the extreme cold.

The goats shed some of this soft wool in spring, when the air gets a little warmer. At this point, the valuable wool can be extracted from the under-layer by combing. The name of the wool is derived from the Indian region of Kashmir.

Cashmere is such a sought-after natural product that it even leads to forgeries. Not all textiles sold as cashmere actually contain genuine cashmere wool. We perform DNA analyses to ensure that we can guarantee the authenticity of our cashmere wool. Only this allows us to be sure that what is labelled cashmere actually is cashmere. You can be sure that you are getting what you pay for.

Other Fine and soft on the feet

Fine and soft on the feet

Fine and soft on the feet

BLACKSOCKS uses only tested cashmere wool to make its Cashmere Silk Socks. Our Cashmere Silk Socks are made of 56% pure cashmere and 25% finest silk.

This combination makes the socks extremely fine and comfortable to wear and guarantees an end to cold feet. These are the most luxurious socks in our range and are reinforced with polyamide in the hard-working heel and toe areas.

For Cashmere Silk Socks, as for all cashmere products, we recommend washing by hand in cold water. This keeps the fibres soft and warm.

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Great in every size

Our socks are great – something which is clear not only to us, but also to an increasing number of customers across the globe. See for yourself.

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