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What makes a company? The people behind it, of course. We are small team with big ambitions, both for ourselves and our daily work.


Samy Liechti

Role: Business Development

I invented the sockscription and founded BLACKSOCKS in 1999 together with Marcel Roth.

As a businessman, I am primarily responsible for business development and company management. As the company founder I represent the company to the public, as a speaker as well as a specialist.

In my private life I am a family man who enjoys taking to the slopes, and anyone wanting to give me a gift cannot go wrong with a good bottle of wine.

My favourite product is the Calf Sockscription, my companion since 1999.

How to contact me:
Tel: +41 (0)44 201 18 50
Email: [email protected]

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Samy’s Favorite: The Sockscription

It has always been and still is a classic: the sockscription launched the BLACKSOCKS story. We have been cladding busy feet in socks (such as the classic calf socks) ever since, and ensuring that your sock supplies never run low.

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Mirco Helbling

Role: Head of E-Commerce

I have been fortunate enough to be a member of the BLACKSOCKS team since January 2019.

I and my team make sure that visitors to our online shop have a fantastic user experience and can free themselves of any sock sorrows in just a few clicks.

In my free time, I like to pull up my socks and travel to the four corners of the world.

My favorite product is our classy calf socks in navy for yacht captains and captains of industry :-). They go fantastically with blue jeans!

How to contact me:
Tel.: +41 44 201 18 54
Email: [email protected]



Mirco’s Favorite: Classy Calf Socks in Navy

I can sail effortlessly through the day with these navy blue socks. The fine white stripes offer a stylish touch without being overpowering. Discover these elegant socks for yourself, either as a sockscription or a multipack.

Sail Away Now


Rita Lutz

Role: E-Commerce Manager

I have been part of the BLACKSOCKS team since January 2018.

It is my job to make sure that our customers can always find the right product, hear about our new additions and be inspired.

In addition to working at BLACKSOCKS, I enjoy travelling the world in colourful socks and photographing everything that appears in front of my camera.

My favourite socks are the Funky FORTY-THREE or even the entire Funky Box EIGHT.

How to contact me:
Tel.: +41 44 201 18 53
Email: [email protected]



Rita’s Favorite: Funky Forty-Three

Funky Forty-Three is part of Volume 8 of the limited Funky Socks collections. If you can't decide on just one pair, you can get them all in an assorted gift box.

Treat Yourself


Cassandra Hersperger

Role: Online Marketing and E-Commerce Assistant

I joined the BLACKSOCKS team in August 2017.

Since then, I have been helping to ensure the online shop and website are up to date and have relevant content.

In my free time, I like to find a balance between doing outdoor activities and creative projects at home.

I think the striped Invisible Socks are particularly practical. I like that barefoot feeling, and the colors make me feel like I’m on vacation.

How to contact me:
Email: [email protected]



Cassandra’s Favorite: Invisible Socks with Navy Stripes

Finally! Socks that stay put without clinging to your ankle!

Invisible Socks stay hidden away in your shoes and don’t slip down from your heel. The colors also give you that vacation feeling.

Get Yourself That Vacation Feeling


Lori Rosen

Role: Customer Relations USA

I run the US and Canadian offices of BLACKSOCKS from our Wall Street offices in New York City, starting in this role in 2009.

My job is to educate consumers on the BLACKSOCKS brand and make sure they understand the high quality of our products. I also make sure to answer every customer personally within a few hours of their request.

Off hours, I enjoy watching my children play soccer, lacrosse and basketball and prefer when they win. I love running in any city or country and every year I participate in a triathlon. One year I’ll break my own personal best.

My favorite product is the white Babette tee shirt. It’s become my uniform—I can dress it up during the week and wear it casually on weekends.

How to contact me:
Tel: 800-407-6736
Email: [email protected]


Lori’s Favorite: The Babette T-Shirt

The Babette T-shirt is the basic that should be in every wardrobe. It is made from 100% Pima cotton, often mistaken for silk.

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