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How is quality made?

How is quality made?

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How is quality made?

This man is looking at your feet. That is his job. He is responsible for the quality of BLACKSOCKS. His studio is an ideas workshop, a detective agency and a test bench in one. This man is our Master Sockmaker at BLACKSOCKS, the sock expert at BLACKSOCKS. He makes sure that our socks are of impeccable quality and does not rest until he is satisfied with the results.

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The Master Sockmaker

The perfect sock takes more than a few hours to invent. And it's not a job you can really learn. But it does take a good dose of experience, even more passion and a good nose. Like a top chef, the Master Sockmaker has to know the best ingredients in the world. And find a factory which makes top-notch products from his raw materials. This is the only way to ensure that each and every sock meets BLACKSOCKS’ strict quality requirements.

Good is not good enough

Of course we could rest on our socks. But this is not what we want. Every new pair should pamper the feet of its owners. Take him through long days and longer nights. We want our socks to get more comfortable, even lovelier and even longer-lasting. New models are produced and, of course, they need to be able to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors. This is no easy task for our Master Sockmaker. But he is mastering it step by step: from the bag full of cotton to a packet of socks which are ready to send.

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Finest materials

Socks and underwear are worn directly against the skin. This is why only the best raw materials are good enough for us.


Made in Italy

BLACKSOCKS is proud of the fact that all its products are made in Europe. The majority of our socks are produced in a factory in Northern Italy.

Made in Italy


Certified & risk-free

All our products, i.e. our socks, underwear and shirts, are produced to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

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A series of top marks

In independent tests, our best-selling traditional calf sock has been among the best socks in Switzerland for years. The other styles have not yet been tested.

Test results


Sizes to fit

Quality also means you can find the right size. Our styles are available in up to 7 sizes to make sure the perfect fit for every size. We also cater for men with big feet: our best-sellers are available in shoe sizes of up to 52.

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How old are your socks

In order to be able to check our production batches, we have incorporated a systematic 'weave fault' into the heel of our socks. This is a kind of 'barcode' which provides information on the year the socks were made.

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Great in every size

Our socks are great – something which is clear not only to us, but also to an increasing number of customers across the globe. See for yourself.

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