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New: Colorful surprise

A colourful surprise – the Funky Surprise Box

The new Funky Surprise Box is very simple: you order the box, we make the selection and send you a surprise box every three months containing two different Funky Sock designs.

This means that you will receive a regular supply of colourful socks, and start every day on the right foot.

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Other One order, regular surprises

One order, regular surprises

The Funky Surprise Box gives you choice without the agony: place one order, and every three months, you will receive two colourful, exciting designs of our Funky Socks. We choose for you, allowing you to mix up your outfit and face anything in style.

Enjoy regular surprises and ensure you make a positive impression. The only thing we tell you is whether you are getting dots, stripes or checks.

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There is only one surprise with the Funky Surprise Box: which two Funky Sock designs will you receive in your next delivery?

There are no other nasty surprises: no shipping costs, the order can be cancelled at any time at the click of a mouse via your customer account, and you receive an information email a month before your next delivery. If only everything were so easy.

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The Funky Sock collection

Funky Socks have been around since 2014. Every year since, in conjunction with Philipp Fankhauser, we have brought out twelve new brash and funky designs of Funky Socks which are just waiting to be discovered.

Visit our Funky Sock shop now and be inspired by the unique colours, shapes and designs.

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