Colourful, fashionable socks in the Blacksocks “Funky Socks” online shop

The crazy, colourful Funky Socks collection from Blacksocks was developed in conjunction with Philipp Fankhauser and comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Raspberry, yellow, light blue, purple, green, orange or red, and with spots, stripes or checks: Blacksocks “Funky Socks” are anything but boring.

Unique, colourful Funky Socks are real eye-catchers – a must for all style-conscious men. Available in numerous sizes, these socks make a lively, fashionable statement and are only ever available as a limited edition. Funky Socks do not sacrifice their quality over time to achieve this, but (just like other Blacksocks products) are long-lasting and extremely comfortable: stylish socks with character and a touch of crazy, loud and colourful.

The funky design of Funky Socks from Blacksocks will enhance any outfit. They spice up everyday office life and add a touch of extra glitz to your next party. Stay well dressed with Funky Socks: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Can’t decide? With the Blacksocks “Funky Box” you receive a boxed selection of colourful socks – perfect for combining with a variety of outfits.

And if you are looking for something a touch simpler, our classic black socks are available in our Blacksocks online shop, on hand for every occasion since 1999.

Great socks and even better service.
Phil Clarke
Great socks, lot's of fun to wear. Blacksocks is a WIN!
Kevin Ford
Good quality products.
Travis Abreu
Good comfortable socks and yes, so funky and cool ...
Dennis Smaggus
Calgary, AB