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Top-quality ankle socks for men Hero

Top-quality ankle socks for men

Ankle socks for men – available in black and in color

Ankle socks were invented so your sneakers could take center stage. Ankle socks are short socks that only reach as far as the ankle, so they remain hidden within the shoe. We’ve been selling Shorty ankle socks for more than 10 years alongside elegant invisible socks that complement the sporty Shorty.


Sporty ankle socks for big ambitions

Running, cycling or hiking? The soft, cushioned terrycloth sole and spoiler of our Shorty ankle socks prevent socks from slipping down your foot while you’re playing sport. We don't know whether they’ll improve your performance, but our cotton sports socks are so comfortable that they’ll definitely make sport more fun! The socks reach the ankle to ensure that they don’t chafe in your sports shoes.

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Invisible socks – taking barefoot to the next level

Our invisible socks stay hidden in your shoes and are an indispensable summer accessory. Our plain summer men’s socks are available in a variety of colors, from red or blue to black. The choice is yours. Invisible socks don’t just suit sneakers – they’re also the perfect companion for classic men’s shoes. Invisible socks are low-cut and don’t cover the ankle. Thanks to the small knobs at the heel, they don’t slip either. The socks are made of high-quality cotton, or, more precisely, pima cotton. Try them yourself and discover how comfortable they are.

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Ankle socks available in black and in color

Black has long been the default color for men’s socks and business socks. However, colorful socks are becoming increasingly popular – even in business – which is why we offer ankle socks in blue and red as well as black. Kit out your whole household in invisible socks, with blue for the ladies and red for the gents – or vice versa. And children don’t have to be left out either, as we offer invisible socks from size 5 upwards.

Ankle socks for men and women

Both our sporty Shortys and our elegant invisible socks are unisex. We offer socks from size 37 (US men’s size 5) to 48 (US men’s size 14). Our invisible socks are available in single pairs, 3-packs, 10-packs, and, of course, via our subscription service. Delivery is free no matter where in the world you are.

Ankle sock subscriptions

Are ankle socks and invisible socks just a summer accessory? Not anymore! Ankle socks are often used as sports socks, so if you’re planning to play a lot of sport, you’ll need them all year round. And dress codes are becoming ever more casual and sporty, meaning that ankle socks are starting to get a foothold in the business world too. Take advantage of our subscription service and have your socks sent directly to your home – in the correct size and at regular intervals. And, of course, with free delivery.