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Hero | 20 Jahre Blacksocks

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In 1999, we launched the world’s first online subscription in the shape of the Sockscription. We have been saving men time for more important things ever since. More important things make better men, and we have been helping with this over the past 20 years. For a short time only, we are offering a free subscription from one of our partners with every Sockscription.

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Men are competitive, constantly striving to be even greater. Intelligence, spirit and wealth are constantly battling for attention (including from the opposite sex). We offer the trait you want free of charge with every Sockscription.

  1. Compressed Knowledge as a Subscription
  2. Classical Music Collection as a Subscription
  3. Freedom in Cash

Intelligence: Compressed Knowledge as a Subscription

You’ll receive with every Sockscription:

  • 5,000 books in the form of abstracts
  • One year’s access to getabstract
  • Free Subscription worth € 99

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Spirit: Classical Music Collection as a Subscription

You’ll receive with every Sockscription:

  • Classical music collection in top quality
  • Six months access to IDAGIO
  • Free Subscription worth € 59.94

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Wealth: Freedom in Cash

You’ll receive with every Sockscription:

  • More room to maneuver with money
  • Cash on the spot
  • Starting your new fortune with € 20

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Going Exotic with Black Socks

In November 1998, the founders decided to create BLACKSOCKS and sell black socks online as a subscription. At the time, Amazon was still on the fringes in the USA, Google was a start-up with no staff, and Facebook was a distant reality.

A lot has happened since then – as you can see for yourself.

The History of BLACKSOCKS