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Box Slip Augustine
Slips Augustine in einer edlen Box

Augustine Brief Box

Five different pairs of briefs presented in an elegant box. This box of Augustine briefs, which are made of finest Pima cotton, has everything you need: classic black, blue, and white as well as some trendy stripes and our unique fleur-de-lys design. Their perfect fit means that these briefs follow your every movement, allowing you to focus on the things that matter.

  • High-quality stretch material for a perfect fit
  • Soft elastic waistband
  • 95% cotton (Pima), 5% elastane
  • No opening


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Made in Europe

Although I have a French name, I come from a clothing manufacturer in Portugal.

This company, founded in 1982, creates high-quality briefs such as me with a great passion for detail, as well as other underwear and T-shirt models from the BLACKSOCKS range.


Finest pima cotton

It is not just the origins of our underwear which are important – the materials used to make it are also vital. Ultimately, we spend all day worn next to your skin.

I am therefore made of 95% cotton (Pima), better known as the silk of South America. This guarantees a lasting softness and comfort when worn. 

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100% good for the skin

I am good for you and your skin: I have been tested and I meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

This standard says that I am 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. We often forget that underwear is worn directly against the skin, in a damp and warm climate subjected to friction.

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