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Formal or Informal – Calf Socks for Any Occasion

When you go to work every day and always wear the same socks, you never have to think very hard about which socks you choose. As soon as some variety or change comes along, you are faced with the question: which calf socks do I wear? Here you will find an overview of the different colors and materials available, and what we recommend to suit the occasion and your mood. When do you need your calf socks?

Calf Socks for Business Affairs

Black socks are always a good fit – whether for at the office, meetings, business lunches or interviews, you cannot go wrong with these classics. If you don't want to go for the obvious choice, our high-quality socks are also available in other dark colors such as navy blue, brown and anthracite. Navy calf socks are just as professional-looking as their black siblings and make a nice change. Classic calf socks, Classy calf socks, Business Light socks and cashmere socks are all great for formal occasions like this.

Calf Socks for Informal Get-Togethers

There are socks that you don’t see because they are hidden in your shoes, and there are calf socks. Calf socks get seen every now and then, so how about a bit of color? This creates a great atmosphere, and makes choosing your outfit easier. Pull on some colorful socks and your outfit worries are over. Create a neutral environment with plain, subtle tones and let the socks speak for themselves. Classy calf socks, striped and half-striped Business Light socks, and colorful socks of all kinds are great for casual meetings.

Calf Socks for Varied Days

Sometimes, you have as much going on in a single day as you normally would in a whole month. The right socks will get you through the day stress-free – whether the elements are playing havoc (merino wool socks), you have lots of events on (Business Light socks), or you need variety and robustness (Classy calf socks).

Merino wool socks are your loyal companions for any occasion. Hot weather? They even out the temperature and neutralize any smells. Snow on the streets? They keep your feet warm, even when the weather is damp.

Half-striped Business Light socks are versatile. Have a sense of humor but know when professionalism and seriousness is called for? Then they are the perfect choice for you! When a bit of fun isn’t appropriate, just slip them back into your shoes and the colorful stripes disappear. In a more relaxed environment, you can kick off your shoes and show off the stripes for a nice change of pace.

If you prefer a happy medium, then micro-patterns could be what you are looking for. Classy calf socks are multitalented: the micro-pattern is inconspicuous but can still make people take a second look. They are perfect for any occasion and will feel comfortable in all weathers.

Calf Socks to Boost Your Style

Organic Comfort socks and the sockscription all offer support in a variety of situations.

If you have to stand or walk for a long period of time, Organic Comfort socks have a terry sole that feels soft all day long.

If you prefer sticking to the same sock type, then a sockscription can counteract disappearing socks. With this, you get three or four pairs of socks sent free of charge to your door at regular intervals. No more lonely orphan socks!"

Very elegant socks, comfortable
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Very elegant socks, comfortable
William P.
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