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The Online Sock Subscription

You never realize that you need to buy more socks until you take a look in your sock drawer to grab a pair. All too often you find out at the worst time that, the business socks that you wear every day developed holes or started looking more gray than black. We created the sockscription for people who have better things to do than buy socks. Make your sock shopping list a thing of the past and subscribe now!

How Does the Sockscription Work?

The BLACKSOCKS sockscription means that you no longer have to worry about shopping – you receive three pairs of socks delivered to your door free of charge at regular intervals.

Why Do I Need a Sockscription?

There are four good reasons why you should choose the sockscription:

  1. Regular updates to your wardrobe: Your favorite men’s socks are delivered at regular intervals without you having to lift a finger
  2. Keep control: You always receive a cancellation reminder before your sockscription expires
  3. Choose the frequency that suits you: Do you want fresh men’s socks every three months? Or just once a year?
  4. Customization: Had enough of black? You can change the color of upcoming sock deliveries at any time via your online account

Save time and stress by letting us take care of your sock supplies.

Free of Sock Sorrows Since 1999

The original sockscription from BLACKSOCKS was created in 1999. Lots of new sock designs and colors have been added since then, but the simplest link between a man and his socks has remained a constant. Buying socks online has never been so easy.

Merino Wool Socks: A Natural Multitalent

It's not just mountain lovers and hiking enthusiasts who will love Merino wool socks. Neither scratchy nor sweaty, they feel just like cotton. Their fine quality and variety of uses make them great for activities of all kinds. Even hiking, jogging or other outdoor activities – sport and wool in one, who would have thought it?

Our Merino wool socks for men are 75% Merino wool. The toe and ball areas are strengthened with polyamide to keep heavily used areas strong. This also protects your feet from rubbing in shoes. The ribbing and the soft material ensure that they fit your feet perfectly and ensure good support. They reach up to the calves and are available in black, green or blue.

Seven Good Reasons to Buy Merino Wool Socks

Don’t miss out on the benefits of Merino wool socks – they…

  1. Protect against cold
  2. Regulate heat
  3. Neutralize smells
  4. Repel water and dirt
  5. Are easy to clean
  6. Dry quickly
  7. Are made with a clear conscience

Merino Wool Socks for Men

Do you know that damp, warm feeling you get on your feet when you slip your shoes off after wearing them for a while? A musty smell starts to spread, and you hope that the person next to you has a cold. Merino wool socks are here to help: they neutralize smells and regulate temperature to ensure an ideal climate. Whether you are sitting in an office or doing something outside, Merino wool socks keep you perfectly prepared.

For Animal Lovers and the Environmentally Conscious

Suppliers often use a simplified way of acquiring Merino wool, called mulesing. However, this leaves the sheep in severe (and often long-lasting) pain, so we avoid this method. Our men’s Merino wool socks come entirely from sheep that are not subjected to any mulesing whatsoever. The socks are made in Italy and do not have to travel long distances by airplane or boat, so you can pull them on with a clear conscience, every time.

Is there anything that men’s Merino wool socks cannot do? Unfortunately they can’t walk to you all by themselves – but if you order them from our online shop, then this is all taken care of. Wave goodbye to sweaty feet and order Merino wool socks, either as individual pairs or in a sockscription.

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