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How Our Subscriptions Work

You wake up in the morning, and a glance at your alarm clock tells you that you are already running late. It’s time to get dressed and go – but there’s bad news in your sock drawer: a few pairs of socks, well past their sell-by date, a couple of neglected single socks of various lengths, and even a sock with a gaping hole. Ah.

But there’s no need to panic, we have the solution – and you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Find out more about the benefits of our sock, underwear, shirt and T-shirt subscriptions and discover the right one for you.

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Sockscription: The Original

Are you looking forward to your next sock shopping excursion? Whether you are one of the few people who genuinely enjoy sock shopping or not, we all need socks. So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to create a subscription that sends fresh socks to your door on a regular basis? And of course, ideally all the same style, to remove the need for tiresome sorting.

We invented this subscription in 1999 and have also expanded it to include underwear and T-shirts. Just like a magazine subscription, every few months you will receive fresh underwear in the mail. Declare war on your chaotic sock drawer. It’s about time.

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Very elegant socks, comfortable
William P.
Taguig City
Very elegant socks, comfortable
William P.
Taguig City
Great quality.
Robert H.
Hendrik S.
Philippe S.
Another happy customer!
Steve G.
wonderful socks!
Charles A.
Las Vegas
Excellent service and great quality
Dean J.
Wilen bei Wollerau
Beautiful black socks
Robert B.

Why a Subscription?

Whether you want the same socks or an assortment of colorful socks, T-shirts and underwear, a subscription will give you exactly what you need. The subscription can be customized or cancelled at any time, making it perfect for your needs and able to fit any lifestyle.

Four Reasons to Choose a Subscription


1. More of the Same at Regular Intervals

With our subscriptions, you receive fresh clothes mailed to you every few months, ensuring that your wardrobe is always well stocked. Because we only ever add items to our range and never take them away, you can be sure that your favorite design will never suddenly become unavailable.

Where do I begin? The best place to start is at the bottom, with socks. Find the right socks in our shop and take the first step towards a simpler life.

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2. Keep Control

Delegating does not mean losing control. In fact, quite the opposite – you can see an overview of your subscription in your user account at any time and change it to suit your needs. Should your next delivery be just after your vacation so that you have fresh socks upon your return? Done. Do you need colorful socks for your next party and want red ones delivered? Done.

You can see all the information about your subscription in your user account. Whether you want to update your address, delay a subscription or just change a particular delivery, you have control. Our subscriptions renew automatically, and you will receive an email from us before every renewal. It is up to you if you want to renew or cancel.

3. Personal Delivery Frequency

Socks are subjected to major friction, so you can choose the delivery frequency that suits you. To see the available options for your favorite socks, look under your chosen product in the shop. For our underwear, we use the tried-and-tested delivery frequency of two pairs three times a year.


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4. Customize Your Subscription

Whether you are looking to change your style or just want some variety, a subscription offers continuity and change rolled into one – and others would do well to follow in our footsteps with this idea! You can change the color of the socks for a particular delivery in your user account, meaning that you can freshen up your black or blue sock collection with a splash of red.

To make sure that your socks always fit perfectly and offer the comfortable feel you expect, you can only change your order to include the other colors available for the particular sock design you have chosen.


Underwear Subscription: Easy for Out and About

Now that your feet are well supplied, we can present the next step for a carefree life: the underwear subscription. Our shop has three basic models, to which we are constantly adding new colors and designs.

This means along with socks shopping, you can also avoid underwear shopping. We will let you know via our newsletter whenever we add new prints and colors. Just like for our socks, you can also adjust individual deliveries in the underwear subscription.

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T-Shirt Subscriptions: Everyday Basics

Do you like simple basic T-shirts that will go with everything? Do you find it annoying when great T-shirts are constantly being removed from a range? Then you will love our T-shirtscription.

Like for socks and underwear, the subscription is built on regular deliveries, with you being able to change the colors and delivery dates at any time. So far, so clear. Because we believe in reliability and continuity, our T-shirts will remain a permanent feature in our range. New colors will always be added, but models will never be removed once added.

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Always Have Fresh Shirts with A Shirt Subscription

To ensure that you have a regular supply of fresh shirts in your wardrobe, our shirts are also available as a subscription.

With the shirtscription, you receive two new shirts (always the same ones) three times a year, without you having to lift a finger. You can adjust your subscription at any time in your user account.

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The Subscription is Born

BLACKSOCKS has been making its customers’ lives easier since 1999. But what triggered this down-to-earth yet revolutionary idea?

Without giving too much away, it was our founder, Samy Liechti, unintentionally putting himself in the spotlight with a little sock-related mishap.

How It All Began


Funky Surprise Box: Planned Surprises

It is not just traditional sock wearers who want some variety – even color fans need some inspiration now and then. With the Funky Surprise Box, you can plan for new ideas.

Every three months, you will receive two pairs of selected socks from our Funky Socks range. Guaranteed to surprise, guaranteed to suit.

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