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Finest socks for men

Socks for men with style
Socks for men with style
weisser Hintergrund
Finest socks
for men
weisser Hintergrund
Finest socks
for men

Men’s socks made from high-quality materials for business and leisure

Socks and hosiery perform hard labour every day with long working hours, a humid climate and lots of friction – so only the best is good enough. Our socks are made from top-quality raw materials (e.g. with a very high proportion of cotton) and can withstand great stress. Discover the exceptional quality of our fantastic men’s socks for yourself.

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Men's socks with style

Our men’s socks are a reliable companion for your everyday life. Whether traditional black socks or colored socks, we have the right socks to suit everyone.

As well as a wide range of colors, our men’s socks are also available in knee, calf and ankle lengths. In addition, we have a solution for men with somewhat larger feet – our socks are available in sizes up to 52.

An overview of all our socks

Very elegant socks, comfortable
William P.
Taguig City
Very elegant socks, comfortable
William P.
Taguig City
Great quality.
Robert H.
Hendrik S.
Philippe S.
Another happy customer!
Steve G.
wonderful socks!
Charles A.
Las Vegas
Excellent service and great quality
Dean J.
Wilen bei Wollerau
Beautiful black socks
Robert B.

How does quality come about?

The master sockmaker ensures that the quality of our socks for men is impeccable, and does not rest until he is satisfied with the results. He works daily to improve our men’s socks, knee-high socks and sneaker socks.

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Men’s socks for the summer

Stroll through the summer in relaxed style with our Invisible Socks and low-cut Shorty sneaker socks. Enjoy that barefoot feeling without getting blisters. The Pima cotton of our sneaker socks feels light and soft against the skin, and stops the socks from slipping down your heels.

These socks for men are perfect with trainers or low-cut men’s shoes.

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Risk-free business socks

Your everyday business may mean taking some risks – but not with our business socks.To ensure that our socks for men bear absolutely no health risks, all our socks hold Oeko-Tex certification. The socks undergo regular testing and are 100% skin-friendly.

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More than just black socks

A good rule of thumb is that your socks should be darker than your shoes, so black socks are never a bad choice.

However, for a little more variety our socks for men are also available in discreet blue, brown or grey. For bolder touches of color, we recommend striped Business Light socks or our colored socks made of cashmere.

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Socks for men up to size 15½

Quality also means that your socks fit perfectly. Our traditional men’s socks are available in shoe sizes 3½ – 15½. We will gladly help you find the perfect size socks for you.

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Your favourite socks as a subscription

Once you have found the perfect socks, you can save yourself the trouble of shopping in the future.

With the sockscription, you will receive three pairs of socks for men at regular intervals, posted direct to your door.

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Colored socks with patterns

Even striped, dotted and checked socks are now a part of everyday business life. These socks are hidden enough to avoid calling attention to themselves, but still give your outfit a touch of character.

Our Funky Socks collection is perfect for this: these colored socks for men will enhance any outfit.

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Which Socks Suit You?

Bring some order to your wardrobe, make space for something new and order fresh socks – but make sure they are the right ones.

Use our Sock Finder to find out which socks suit you and express your personality best.

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Withered flowers are thrown on the compost heap. But old socks?

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