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Kniestrümpfe taubenblau

Knee High Socks in Powder Blue: Colorful Elegance

Delicate grey-blue Knee High Socks made from mercerised cotton for a distinguished appearance. These elegant Italian Knee High Socks have an extra-broad band, also known as English Cut, to ensure that they never slip.

  • 100% cotton (mercerised), also known as Fil d'Ecosse
  • These knee socks for men are ribbed to ensure particularly good support
  • Knee socks made from elegant materials with the finest workmanship


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Shining and refined – Fil d’Ecosse

I am made from mercerised cotton. Mercerisation is a cotton processing procedure which gives me a silky, wash-resistant shine and also makes me stronger. Mercerised cotton is also more colourfast and creates very little lint. Polyamide in the form of Lycra® is found in my toe and heel areas to provide additional strengthening.

So why is mercerised cotton also known as Fil d’Ecosse? It’s very simple: the Scot John Mercer invented the mercerisation process. This is why mercerised cotton is also called Fil d’Ecosse. A Scot in French – rather difficult for me as an Italian!

More about mercerized cotton


Extra-wide cuff

My extra-wide cuff, also known as an English cut, prevents me from slipping down. Men’s legs can be slim or broad. Calves may take many different shapes, making it hard for us knee socks to stay in place without slipping or cutting in to your legs. A little tip for you: we knee socks are least likely to slip if we can encircle the calf. When choosing your sock size make sure that they are long enough, and do not simply rely on your shoe size.

Factors for sock quality


Ribbing for a natural feel

My ribbed structure is elastic and nestles against your skin without being obtrusive. The ribbed structure is fine and elegant, ensuring that you look great for every occasion. Promise!

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Made in Italy

I am a knee sock from Italy. I am made near to Milan with great attention to detail. I am proud of my origins, as I am an Italian knee sock made by a second-generation family business with a fantastic eye for detail.

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Long fibers for a long life

My cotton comes from Egypt. What makes this cotton so special is its long fibers. This is a huge plus, as it means I do not produce any fluff. In Italy I turn into knee socks made of 100% mercerized cotton.

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For people & the environment

The cultivation of textile raw materials, especially cotton, requires a lot of water and a lot of energy. The consumption of energy leads to CO2. In addition to the production of the raw materials, each processing stage plays a role in this. The best thing for the environment is if the products are produced in an environmentally friendly way and last as long as possible. This is why my raw materials were processed exclusively in Europe with the goal of a long service life.

About our environmental efforts


100% skin-friendly & allergy-tested

The way I am produced means that you can be sure I will be good to your feet, as I am certified as Oeko Tex Standard 100 and am thus 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. Every single step in the production process is documented for the good of your feet.



Paper packaging

I am packaged in a small paper bag to protect me from dirt. Protection is important to ensure that I reach you in all my glory. Plastic has been out since January 2020. Isn’t that much better? And if you recycle the paper, that would be even better still.

Our packaging


Climate-neutral shipping from Switzerland

I am shipped by Swiss Post using the ‘Pro-Clima’ label, which ensures carbon-offset shipping. My journey to you is completely climate-neutral. And the best bit: this is at no additional cost to you. You just get free, speedy deliveries like always.

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No subscription traps

We sockscription socks want to be worn and see the world. Ending up left unused in a dark sock drawer is every sock’s nightmare.

To make sure that you never have too many socks, it is up to you to monitor your sockscription: you choose whether and when to renew, bring forward or end your subscription.

One month before renewal time, you will receive a letter from BLACKSOCKS to remind you and ensure that you don’t forget to renew. If only everything was so easy.

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