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Kaschmir Seidensocken Blau
Detail Kaschmir Seidensocken in blau
Kaschmir Seidensocken: Blau Mood

Cashmere Silk Socks in Blue: Luxury on your Feet

This classic blue carries you through your luxurious daily life. Cashmere Wool is soft and warming, whilst silk offers balance and a gleaming blue color. Silk Socks hold their shape and add that special something to your wardrobe.

  • The ultimate in sock luxury
  • Extremely soft and comfortable to wear
  • Toe and heel reinforced with polyamid
  • Hand wash in cool water
  • 58% cashmere, 25% silk, 17% polyamide


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Sockscription deliveries
Extremely satisfied.
Oct 24, 2017
Barry Z., Los Altos
Lightning-quick delivery. Congenial unboxing experience. Ultimate quality.
May 10, 2017
Maciej M., Kraków
Excellent product
Mar 18, 2017
Luke G., Stamford
Great socks. They feel better than any other I have purchased.
Sep 16, 2016
Colin S., Minneapolis
Very Good
Jul 4, 2016
Iehab H., Dammam
super Quality, recommandable
May 10, 2016
Tobias L., Winterthur
These are my husband's favorite socks!
Dec 17, 2015
Daunell C., American Fork
I like them!
Sep 21, 2013
Jon tore J., HAUGESUND, rog
These are the best socks ever!
Sep 14, 2013
Sarah D., Newnan

No subscription traps

We sockscription socks want to be worn and see the world. Ending up left unused in a dark sock drawer is every sock’s nightmare.

To make sure that you never have too many socks, it is up to you to monitor your sockscription: you choose whether and when to renew, bring forward or end your subscription.

One month before renewal time, you will receive a letter from BLACKSOCKS to remind you and ensure that you don’t forget to renew. If only everything was so easy.


Convenient delivery

We sockscription socks arrive as a three in a cardboard box. The box is designed to fit in your letterbox. This means that we come straight to you even when you aren’t at home, without your having to make a trip to the post office – and all with free priority shipping worldwide.


Finest Cashmere Silk

Our Cashmere Silk Socks are made of 56% pure cashmere and 25% finest silk. This combination makes the socks extremely fine and comfortable to wear and guarantees an end to cold feet.

These are the most luxurious socks in our range and are reinforced with polyamide in the hard-working heel and toe areas.

More about cashmere


Made in Italy

I come from a small sock manufacturer in northeast Milan, which makes me Italian. They create high-quality socks such as me with a great passion for detail. Three siblings are running the business in second generation ensuring that lots of socks turn out as good as me.

Italian Socks