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First step to a sockscription: choose your favorite socks

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First step to a sockscription: choose your favorite socks

All our socks are available as a subscription. Choose your desired product, size and delivery cycle - and you will receive fresh and high quality socks regularly at home, with free shipping.

More freedom. Thanks to a sockscription.

Everyone knows these mornings where you just want to dress quickly and go - but a look in the sock drawer bodes ill. There are pairs of socks worn beyond their freshness date and neglected single socks in various lengths as far as the eye can see. One sock even looks at you with a gaping hole. Whew.

But no need for panic. That's exactly why we launched the original BLACKSOCKS sockscription in 1999! 

Here's how the sockscription works


Here are the advantages of a sockscription:

  • You never have to go shopping for socks again. More time for other things.
  • You will never be without socks again. Always fresh supplies.
  • You never have to sort laundry again. Always the same socks.
  • You choose model and delivery cycle. Flexibly customizable and pausable.
  • You choose quality and durability. Our socks are worth seeing (and wearing).

Questions about the Sockscription

How Does the Sockscription Work?

The BLACKSOCKS sockscription means that you no longer have to worry about shopping – you receive three pairs of socks delivered to your door free of charge at regular intervals.

How often will I receive a fresh supply of socks?

With our most popular sockscription, you receive three deliveries of three pairs of socks per year (3x3). The other options are 4x3 or 1x12.

What do I do if I already have enough socks?

It’s very simple. Once you have received the deliveries you have already paid for, you can pause your sockscription until you need a fresh supply of your favorite socks.

Will all the socks I get be the same color?

The choice is yours. You can change the color of your socks before each delivery. 

Is it difficult to cancel a sockscription?

Of course not. You can cancel your sockscription at the end of your cycle quickly and easily via your customer account.


Free of Sock Sorrows Since 1999

The original sockscription from BLACKSOCKS was created in 1999. Lots of new sock designs and colors have been added since then, but the simplest link between a man and his socks has remained a constant. Buying socks online has never been so easy.