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Since 1999

Bastienne - das klassische Business-Hemd
Bastienne - das klassische Business-Hemd
Bastienne - das klassische Business-Hemd

Bastienne shirt: to make a good impression

The white business shirt Bastienne has a classic straight cut with a breast pocket and business collar. This quality shirt guarantees a good, comfortable fit.

  • Classic straight cut with breast pocket
  • Business collar
  • Size-adjustable single button cuffs
  • Perfect, comfortable fit
  • Easy to iron
  • 100% cotton


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‘Made in Europe’

Although I have a French name, I come from a clothing manufacturer in the European part of Turkey.

This family company, founded in 1999, creates high-quality shirts such as me with a great passion for detail and top-quality materials.


Finest cotton double yarn

The materials used in the manufacturing process are vital to ensure that we make good shirts which are comfortable to wear and easy to iron.

I am woven from a particularly high-quality cotton yarn – double cotton yarn. In technical terms, the yarn is category 100/2 (yarn strength/number of distributed fibres). This means that the yarn is extremely fine and soft, making the material more comfortable to wear.

By comparison: a standard men’s shirt is made from category 60/1 yarn and therefore cannot boast the same benefits as me.


Elegant with a business collar

I have what is known as a business collar. This collar has points that are a little further apart. It is elegant with a friendly touch, and an increasingly popular choice in everyday business environments.


Save time ironing

I am made from 100% double cotton yarn. I am not only comfortable to wear, I also make it easy to produce perfect ironing results in no time at all.

This means you don't have to waste your valuable time ironing in order to appear crease-free at the office.


On the road to success since 2012

I may be young, but I have already proven my worth at countless board meetings, receptions and business meetings.

I consistently ensure that you look great and are well dressed for every occasion.


Also in light blue

My first two years were white. Then in the spring of 2014 my sister came along, the business shirt Bastienne in light blue.

She is available in the same cut and same high level of quality and has already brought joy to many men.

Bastienne in light blue