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Bargain hunters and shopping fans, take note: BLACKSOCKS doesn't do clearance sales very often, but because some designs are gradually becoming loners in our warehouse, we are offering up to 30% off selected products.

Our Bastienne shirt and Funky Socks Vol. 1-9 are currently on sale.

Take advantage of our offers now, while we still have your size in stock.

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Stripes, Reinterpreted

Who would have thought that stripes could take so many forms?

If you don't fancy hitting the dance floor with these Funky Socks, then at the very least your socks will set the tone for your big appearance.

Striped Socks


Dots, Familiar Yet Different

Dots make your outfit more fun with their playful style.

Dotted socks work for two kinds of men: those who make socks the focal point of their outfit, and those who just want to add a nice touch of color.

Dotted Socks


Big and Small Checks

Add some strong contrasts to your outfit with big or small checks. These Funky Socks provide a stylish, eye-catching touch without stealing the show – like the drummer supporting the band.

Are you the kind of person who thrives on the big stage or do you prefer the intimate setting of a jazz bar?

Checked Socks

A Sale in Your Size

Do you like to play it safe? Search for your size and browse through what we have left.

Come and get your favorite designs before they sell out!

Socks in sizes 37-39

Socks in sizes 40–41

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Socks in sizes 45-46

Other Bastienne Shirt on Sale

Bastienne Shirt on Sale


Bastienne - das klassische Business-Hemd