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Are you a Miles & More account holder? You can redeem your miles with us and use them either to cover a whole order or as part payment.

How it works: choose ‘Miles & More’ on the payment page. The price of the products in your shopping cart will now be displayed in miles, and you can choose how much of the total you wish to pay for using your miles.

Enter your Miles & More card number and the associated PIN. The miles required for the order are then taken from your Miles & More account.

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A Sockscription with Miles

Treat yourself to the luxury of a sockscription and leave shopping stress behind. Starting at 21,000 miles, you can enjoy a year free of sock sorrows.

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A Convenient Underwear Subscription

Do you want to buy your first underwear subscription with miles? No problem! Just choose ‘Miles & More’ as the payment option. Underwear subscriptions are available from 24,000 miles.

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A T-Shirt Subscription with Miles

Discover our T-Shirt subscription and find your favourite T-shirt. You can pay for your subscription quickly and easily with miles (starting at 35,600 miles).

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Subscribe to Shirts and Pay with Miles

Pay for your shirtscription with award miles and you will regularly receive new high-quality shirts. It almost feels like it's free, doesn't it?

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Earn Miles

Want to earn miles as well as redeem them? We give you bonus miles with every subscription purchased!

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Miles & More

BLACKSOCKS has been a partner of the Miles & More frequent flyer programme for many years. Find out more about the attractive rewards programme.

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