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Organic Socks

First and foremost, socks need to be comfortable and durable. Our organic cotton socks impress not only with their quality and comfortable fit but also their origins. Make sustainable progress with our soft organic socks.

Organic Socks: The Most Comfortable in our Range

We at BLACKSOCKS look for two things in our socks: comfort and durability. Our newly developed organic socks offer both – and much more:

  • Made of organic Egyptian cotton with extra-long fibers
  • Certified to the ecological criteria set by the GOTS® standard
  • A comfort band that doesn't cut in
  • A comfortable sole made of terry material
  • Short transport routes as they're made in Italy
  • Paper packaging and climate-neutral shipping

Our organic socks are available as Organic Comfort calf socks in the natural colors of black, gray, khaki, blue and white

Are you very active or like wearing sneakers? Then go for our Organic Sneaker socks in black, gray, khaki or blue.


GOTS® – Small Label, Big Difference!

Not all socks can call themselves organic. This is a protected term and clothing must pass various tests to use it. Only a few letters serve to differentiate organic from normal cotton on the label. 

The international GOTS® standard is well known and its seal is widely used. It lays down environmental guidelines, from production through to processing. These focus in particular on using natural materials for pest protection and on maintaining soil fertility. Furthermore, primarily renewable resources are used, and any chemical additives are checked for toxicity and biodegradability.

This protects the soil and biodiversity in the area, and helps keep everything in balance.

More About GOTS® Criteria  


For people & the environment

The cultivation of textile raw materials, especially cotton, requires a lot of water and energy. Organic cotton ensures a smaller ecological footprint. However, the best thing for the environment is if the products are produced in an environmentally friendly way and at the same time last as long as possible. This is why we develop top-quality socks with a long service life and process the raw materials exclusively in Europe. Strict environmental and labor regulations are actually complied with here. The short transport routes and a low returns rate also ensure lower CO2 emissions.

In addition, we have been packaging all our socks in paper since 2019, and have been completely plastic-neutral since 2023.

This is what we take care of  

What are Our Organic Socks Made Of?

Our Organic Comfort socks are made of 80% organic cotton. The remaining 20% is polyamide, providing support and durability. Our Organic Sneaker socks made of 65% organic cotton also contain 2% elastane and have a spoiler to stop them from slipping down.

Where does the Organic Cotton Come From?

The organic cotton for our socks comes from Egyptian growers. The cotton grown there has exceptionally long fibers, an additional benefit as it produces socks that generate little fluff.

Are the Socks Still Comfortable?

In fact, our organic socks are the most comfortable in our entire range! The terry sole makes every single step comfortable and soft – as if you were walking on a bed of moss. The comfort band stays gently but firmly in place on your calf without cutting in.

Discover the Benefits of Organic Cotton  

Make Sustainable Progress Now!

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with European standards. The organic cotton from Egypt is transformed into socks in Northern Italy – avoiding long transport routes and ensuring the smallest possible ecological footprint along the entire production chain. We also work very closely with our suppliers.

Time to spring into action. Order a trial pack of our organic socks in your size, or go straight for a sustainable sockscription!

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