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‘More’ button: Order at a click

‘I really need to buy more socks’, you think to yourself – and then promptly forget.

When do you think about socks? It’s very simple: When you step out of the shower and stand naked examining your wardrobe. As soon as you have pulled them on and are by your phone, tablet or computer, then emails, calendar entries and news take over and your overdue sock purchase is forgotten. Which is why we have created our ‘More’ button.

Once you have charged the ‘More’ button and connected it to your Wi-Fi network, you can just put it where you need it: in your sock drawer.

When the time comes and you need more sock supplies, just double click and the order is complete, with the urgently needed socks on their way to you. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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Quick-start guide

Getting the button working is easier than having a butler:

  • Order the ‘More’ button • Receive the ‘More’ button
  • Select the product from your order history which you would like the button to re-order
  • Charge your button’s battery using the cable supplied and connect the button to your home Wi-Fi using WPS

And you are ready to go.

Other Already ordered?

Already ordered?

Fancy new socks at the press of a button? No problem. Order the ‘More’ button for new socks without any need for devices or checkout.

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Socks at the press of a button

Install the ‘More’ button where the action is (such as in your sock drawer) and you are ready to go.

Press the button once and a white light comes on. This indicates that the button is ready. The double click is the exciting bit as that places your order. A green light confirms that the order has gone through. As always, you will of course receive order and shipping confirmation by email.

As you have ordered from us before, we know your address and your product and quantity preferences, so there’s no need to put these in again.

Moving house? No problem – we will check whether your address is up to date. As usual, orders placed before 4:00 p.m. are sent out the same day free of charge.


Underwear at the press of a button

You decide what product you want to order at the press of a button. It doesn’t always have to be socks – you can also choose to have the button send you underwear or T-shirt supplies.


At a click without the ‘More’ button

If you don’t want any more hardware, you can enjoy the luxury of the ‘More’ button via our app or website. You must be logged on for this to work.