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More button – checkout-free ordering

‘I really need to buy more socks’, you think to yourself – and then promptly forget.

The More button means that you can now buy socks right from your sock drawer! Once you have charged your More button and connected it to your home Wi-Fi network, fresh socks or underwear are just a click away from winging across to you. It is up to you what product you want the More button to buy.

  • Just put it where you need it: in your sock drawer
  • Easy installation
  • Product preference easy to change in your account
  • Package contents: More button (Ø 5cm) with USB cable


One-time orders:
Item per pack: 

Easy Setup, Soon Ready to Use

I’m almost up and ready when I get to you. The only thing you have to do is plug me in to a USB port using the cable provided to charge my battery and connect me to your Wi-Fi network. Connection via Wi-Fi is child’s play: just put me into WPS mode and press the relevant button on your router – and voila, your little helper is ready to go.


Order with a Double Click

My job is to make your everyday life easier – which is why my creators decided that it should take you more than one press to place an order. Instead you just need to double click, preventing accidental presses and therefore having to return unwanted orders.


More of The Same

I know men. They don’t like making big decisions about small things – they are made for the big things. So, men often pick their socks by going for ‘more of the same’. That’s what I am made for: just double click and your favorite product will be ordered. The only thing you have to do so that I can do my job is set your favorite product.


I Know You

I was made to be the simplest possible interface between man and sock. But I need to know you first – the button only works for existing customers. Only then will I know where you live, your shoe size and your favorite product, as well has how you like to pay. I use all of this information to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.


Quick-Start Guide

Getting a ‘More Button’ working is easier than having a butler:

  • Order me
  • Receive me
  • Select the product from your order history which you would like me to re-order
  • Charge my battery using the cable supplied and connect me to your home Wi-Fi using WPS

And you are ready to go.

More detailed instructions