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Merino - The wonder wool

weisser Hintergrund
Merino -
The wonder wool
weisser Hintergrund
Merino -
The wonder wool

Merino wool – truly clever

Merino wool is one of the most refined and valuable natural fibres there is. Wool is often an undervalued resource, but actually has some unique characteristics. While Merino wool is known for its softness and fineness, it has so much more to offer. Thanks to its natural temperature-regulating properties, Merino wool is breathable and odour-resistant, making it the perfect companion during the humid summer months, the dry and chilly winter months, and even for sport when mixed with other materials.

Merino wool is easier to take care of than any other material: it doesn’t crease, doesn’t produce fluff and makes life much easier with its natural self-cleaning effect. There’s also no chance of giving others an electric shock or suddenly bursting into flames.

No more cold feet

Other Neither too warm nor too cold

Neither too warm nor too cold

Merino Wool Socks in Blue

Merino-Wollsocken Blau



Merino Wool Socks Purple

Merino Wollsocken Violett


Merino Wollsocken Orange



The origins of Merino wool

The name Merino comes from the Merino sheep (or simply: the Merino), a breed of sheep with fine wool. It has light, thin hair which grows to be really long and curls into a downy coat, protecting the sheep against the cold. Originally found in North Africa, Merinos were first exported to Spain, then later to Germany and to today’s two largest suppliers, Australia and New Zealand, as well as to Italy, where we source our Merino wool.

Over time, the animals have adapted to the unique topography and climate and developed a fleece which stands up to these extraordinary conditions and temperature fluctuations of 50 degrees and more.


Nature’s version of high-tech

Warm feet on cold days with Merino wool socks for men. Our calf socks made from Merino wool are breathable and odour-resistant, and ensure that your feet stay warm even on cold days. See for yourself and order some of our Merino wool socks now!

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Other Merino Woll Socks also available as invisible socks

Merino Woll Socks also available as invisible socks

Invisible Socks gray stripes

Invisible Socks Merinowolle Schwarz


Invisible Merino Socks in Grau Melange


Invisible Merino Socks in Orange



Unique characteristics

Merino wool makes for good clothing material due to its temperature-regulating properties and its many uses: it warms up in cool temperatures and keeps cool in summer.

85% of the total volume of woollen products is air. Thanks to their wavy, curved structure, the fibres only loosely rest against each other, creating air pockets. This prevents body heat from escaping, as air is a poor conductor of heat. As it is a good thermal insulator, Merino wool protects against the cold from the inside and against the heat from the outside.

Merino wool can also absorb moisture on the inside of the fibres, while the surface repels water. It is able to absorb up to a third of its dry weight in water without feeling damp. The moisture is then temporarily stored in the air pockets between the fibres, leaving the surface feeling dry. Thanks to this moisture control, the material dries quickly in warm temperatures while simultaneously cooling the skin as the moisture evaporates. Clothing made of Merino wool is, therefore, comfortable to wear all year round.

The fibre strength determines whether the wool is rough or smooth, and the fineness which is characteristic of Merino wool is a result of its weak fibre strength. The hairs bend when they come into contact with our skin, making the material feel silky smooth.


Luxury for your feet

With a Merino wool sockscription, you will receive Merino wool socks delivered to your door at regular intervals. You can, however, change the colour of the socks you want to receive in every delivery. Find out more about the benefits of a sockscription.

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A clear conscience

Even ecologically speaking, Merino wool is a good choice. The wool grows back, meaning it is a sustainable resource and can also be broken down naturally. What’s more, processing this wool produces hardly any chemical waste or plastic.

From an ethical perspective, those purchasing this product should be aware of how Merino wool is collected and therefore be able to seek out the right quality of wool. Thanks to their many wrinkles, Merino sheep produce a lot of wool. However, deep in these wrinkles is also where flies like to lay their eggs, which will hatch into harmful parasites. To prevent this, lambs have plate-sized flaps of skin brutally removed from their breech in a practice called mulesing.

We only use Merino wool from animals which we can guarantee have not suffered mulesing. This might cost us a bit more, but we owe it to both the sheep and your conscience.

Taking care of the wool

The natural self-cleaning effect means that Merino wool rarely needs to be washed. Dirt beads together and any odours which have been absorbed are released back into the air, which is why wool quickly regains its natural scent.

Hanging woollen clothes out in the fresh air for few minutes after you have worn them is generally more than enough. If you want to wash Merino wool, it is best to follow the advice on the label. In most cases, it is recommended to use the wool or hand wash cycles or to wash at 30 degrees. After washing, reshape the Merino wool and leave it to dry flat.

Good to Know

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Care tips for your socks

Our five sock survival tips show you how to wash Merino wool properly and how to give all your socks a long and happy life. Do you know them already?

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