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Release your inner child’ Hero

What’s missing from your life?

☐ An Italian coffee machine

☐ A Danish sofa

☐ An American skateboard

Style is a question of taste
– and of pleasure.

‘Release your inner child’

Sometimes we’re sad. Sometimes we’re happy. Sometimes we just want to be alone. Sometimes we want to hug everyone. Life is light and dark, and that’s what makes it great.

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What have you always dreamt of doing?

☐ Climbing the Matterhorn

☐ Skydiving

☐ Squirting your boss with a water pistol

Sometimes, imagination is all it takes to be happy.


Boxer Josephine in Weiss

Our underwear: Fine underwear for stylish men.


When are you grown up?

☐ When buying your first car

☐ When having your first child

☐ Maybe next year

Life’s great questions do not always have set answers.



What makes you laugh?

☐ English humour

☐ The CEO’s English

☐ My own English

The serious parts of life are just one of its many faces.


Our Funky Socks: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What are you looking forward to?

☐ A promotion

☐ A pay rise

☐ Spring

Sometimes big things make us happy – and sometimes the little things are even better.


Our shirts: Fine underwear for stylish men.

Bastienne - das klassische Business-Hemd




What do you love doing?

☐ Developing customers

☐ Supporting employees

☐ Farting in the bath

Seriousness shines through in the ability to tell when isn’t needed.


Our sockscription: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What will life have in store for you?

☐ working for a global group

☐ a national political office

☐ cycling holidays in Sardinia

A career isn’t just a job, it comes from the heart.


Our poloshirts: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What’s your dream job?

☐ Jazz pianist

☐ Hollywood director

☐ Lego tester

Don’t ever hide your inner child.


Business Light gestreift

Our Bussiness Light stripes: Fine underwear for stylish men.


What does masculinity mean to you?

☐ success

☐ strength

☐ silliness

A man is a man if he stays true to himself.