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Funky Surprise Box

Funky Surprise Box: A Colorful Surprise

A constant surprise – with the new Funky Surprise Box you will receive two pairs of colorful Funky Socks every three months. We make the selection and send you two different Funky Sock designs from our collection - allowing you to mix up your outfit and face anything in style.

  • Two new Funky Sock designs every three months
  • Made of high-quality cotton (mercerised)
  • Every delivery is paid for separately


Item per pack: 
Funky Surprise Box deliveries

The Only Surprise is The Socks

There is only one surprise with the Funky Surprise Box: which two Funky Sock designs will you receive in your next delivery?

There are no other nasty surprises: no shipping costs, the order can be cancelled at any time at the click of a mouse via your customer account, and you receive an information email a month before your next delivery. If only everything were so easy.


Three-Month Funky Surprise Box Subscription

The Funky Surprise Box is a subscription, but not an annual one like our sockscriptions – it lasts for three months. Every three months, you will receive two colorful, exciting designs of our Funky Socks. You pay for each delivery individually and will be warned a month in advance that your three-month subscription is renewing.


Step To The Beat

If your wardrobe were a band, your socks would play the drums. They set the rhythm. They hold the band together. Everything is geared to them. Funk is rhythm. Funky socks set your rhythm. Step to the beat.

Philipp Fankhauser's Funky Socks make your outfit resound. Play music with every step. Experience music in your toes.


Philipp Fankhauser's Funky Socks

Philipp Fankhauser has been on the concert stage for thirty years. At first this was always in white socks, then in black. This finally changed in 2012 when Philipp opted for colourful, flashy and funky socks.

And so I came into play in 2014: together with BLACKSOCKS, Philipp launched the first models in the ‘Funky Socks’ collection, where I stand as box number four and have been setting the beat ever since.


Made in Italy

All socks come from a small sock manufacturer in northeast Milan, which makes them Italian. This manufacturer creates high-quality socks such as those in the Funky Surprise Box with a great passion for detail. Three siblings are running the family business in the second generation, ensuring that the socks always meet the same high quality standards.

More about our origins


100% Good for Your Skin

The socks in the Funky Surprise Box are good for you and your skin. This is borne out by the “Oeko-Tex® Standard 100” label. This standard guarantees that the socks are 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. This is important, as they are ultimately worn directly against the skin in a warm and damp climate, so a certain level of caution is called for.

More about Oeko-Tex®