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Men's socks of the highest quality: large selection and many colors

Are you looking for men's socks? In our online store you will find classic calf socks, sneaker socks or long knee socks. Let yourself be inspired by:

  • Clever micro patterns and trendy plain colors
  • Sustainable natural fabrics with impressive durability
  • Comfortable feet and a perfect fit (also in oversizes from 47-52).

Which BLACKSOCKS socks would you like?

Short and no-show socks

Buying short socks can be a challenge. Many times, they are uncomfortable or even slip inside your shoe. Especially for sneaker socks, the quality needs to be right. Our sneaker socks hold onto your heel softly but firmly - like a friendly hug.

You will find three models of short socks in our store: Invisible Merino Socks (no-show socks made from merino wool), Organic Sneaker Socks (made from organic cotton) and Shorty Sneaker Socks. The Invisible Socks disappear into your shoes. They are perfect for summer days or when you want to get enough vitamin D on your ankles. With our two sneaker socks you will walk on a robust sole. The Shorty Sneaker Socks even have a soft terrycloth bed. The padding protects your feet during sporty activities or when standing for long periods.

To summarize, our sneaker socks are perfect for you in warm temperatures and for showing off your shoes.

Warm wool socks

Wool is perfect if you get cold feet quickly. In our range we offer Merino wool socks or cashmere-modal socks.

Merino wool is popular because it adapts perfectly to different temperatures. Our Merino socks will chill your feet when it's warm, and heat up your feet when it's cold. On the other hand, our soft cashmere modal socks also protect you from the cold floor or draughts when you are out and about.

Long socks

Knee High Socks made from 100 % cotton like ours are gentle on your skin and keep your feet and calves warm. The extra-wide waistband keeps the sock in place without cutting in.

Colored men's socks

Buy colored socks if you want to be bold or want a slight change from black or other classic socks. 

Make a statement with colored men's socks. The classic colors black, white, anthracite and brown have been available since the beginning. Try something new. You will find a large selection of colors such as blue, red, orange and green.

Do you prefer your socks to be understated? Try discreet micro patterns that will accentuate your outfit without being too loud. This will show your self-confidence and bring more energy into your everyday life. The color really comes into its own with dark blue or grey items of clothing. Your socks will be an eye-catcher. Go for it!

High-quality men's socks that have stood the test of time

Since 1999, the brand BLACKSOCKS stands for high-quality, Italian men's socks. Our many years of experience have developed into a science of socks. Protecting your feet is the first goal. The real art is to make socks that you love to slip into.

Socks that do not slipdo not cut in and fit your foot perfectly. In short: they fit your outfit like a final puzzle piece. Functionality, comfort and aesthetics are part of every model from BLACKSOCKS. Join 60,000 customers who appreciate and love these qualities.

Find the best socks and stockings for every occasion

In the beginning, it was mainly business people who appreciated our expertise and the quality of our men's socks. The black calf socks in the sockscription were particularly well known.

You can now find a wide range in our online store: different lengths, materials, sizes and all the colors you could wish for. Whether festive or casual: for business, leisure, dinner or a big party.

Men and socks combined in one day

You will receive your desired socks tomorrow if you order by 4 pm. The free shipping is included worldwide. You have the choice between individual deliveries and the sockscription.

You take zero risk with every purchase. If the socks don't fit you, you can exchange them or send them back. Our customer service will be happy to help you with any concerns. Decide now for the men's socks from BLACKSOCKS and leave your sock worries behind!


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