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Made in Europe
Made in Europe

The Origins of Our Socks, Underwear and Shirts

We have never wanted to hide the origins of our socks and undergarments – quite the opposite: we are proud to say that all of our products are made nearby. Italy, Germany, Turkey – we do not have to go far to find quality.

Our Manufacturer in Italy

Many people associate Italy with tasty cuisine, historic cultural heritage and a positive attitude. None of these associations can be disputed – but we have one more to add: socks.

The lion’s share of our sock range is made by a manufacturer near Milan in northern Italy. The second-generation family business ranks amongst today's most highly regarded sock makers. Since our first contact with the manufacturer in 1998, a symbiotic relationship has developed that produces exceptional quality socks.

Other Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Portuguese roots

Portuguese by birth and French at heart: don't let the French names of our underpants and T-shirts fool you. These are made a little further south - under the Portuguese sun, that is.

Other Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Invisible Socks gray stripes

Invisible Socks Gray Stripes



The Manufacturing Process

The socks are knitted as a single piece, then sewn together above the toe area and ironed. We only use high-quality, certified yarns. The Oeko-Tex label ensures that each product is 100% allergy-tested and skin-friendly. This is particularly important for socks and underwear, because they are worn against the skin all day long and are exposed to a variety of climate conditions.

Continuous quality control

12 to 18 pairs of trial socks are made from each batch of yarn. A coloured thread is woven in to mark them. The remaining yarn is stored until the trial socks have been thoroughly tested.

The test is very simple: the production manager wears the socks himself for approximately 20 wash cycles. The socks tested in this way are then compared to other socks from earlier trials. Only when the colour, fabric and fit are absolutely perfect the yarn can be used for production.

This allows us to guarantee that the socks remain at the same high standard of quality over time.


Genuine, Guaranteed

As well as the close-to-reality sock-wearing tests, we also carry out various tests in the lab with the same objective - offering consistently high quality. For our Cashmere Silk Socks, we even carry out DNA analyses on order to ensure that the cashmere we are buying is genuinely cashmere.

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Music For Your Feet

Our Funky Socks bring your outfit to life. Their Italian heart beats for jazz, but they can get carried away to any rhythm. Let the music set your toes tapping.

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