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Lean back

Socks cause sorrow

Albert Einstein is said to have said "What's the point of socks? They only create holes!" and refrained from wearing socks - an avoidance strategy.

So that you can wear socks with peace of mind, we've been taking care of sock sorrows since 1999 because no one else is doing it right. It must not be your job either.

Socks - and also underwear - thus cause sorrow. During production, when choosing, when buying and when wearing - but it doesn't have to be this way. We take care of it.


We take care of

Longevity: so you can to buy less

Our socks & underwear last longer. You do not need to shop as often and you can enjoy them longer. We use only premium materials that we skillfully reinforce and craft with attention to detail. We care about good things that last.

The secret of long-lasting socks


We take care of

People & Environment: so you shop with a clear conscience

Manufacturing textiles requires energy, water and produces CO2. The production of the raw materials, but also the individual processing stages play a role. Since our very beginnings, all production steps after the cotton or merino wool has been harvested, are taking place in Europe. The yarn is spun and dyed here, where strict environmental requirements are actually controlled. The plastics with which we reinforce the products are compensated. Packaging is done in recycled paper and cardboard. Our socks and underwear do not have far to go in terms of delivery, and with our excellent quality and low return rate, we take additional care of the climate. The delivery in Switzerland is even CO2 neutral, because it is compensated. 

For a healthy environment since 1999


We take care of

Continuity: so you can save time

The textile industry is driven by constant novelty. This leads to search costs for you and to bad purchases. But why search for something new when you are satisfied? With us, you will usually find your favorite product even after years, of course in the same high quality. Naturally, you can also subscribe to our products and receive the same thing over and over again without any effort on your part.

Our permanent collection


We take care of

Entrepreneurship: so you can trust us

We are a Swiss e-commerce pioneer based in Zurich. A small team takes care of the customers, the processes and the products. We are there for our customers and the community, as we are a part of it, since 1999.

This is how it all began


We take care of

Concerns: so you can live without sock sorrows

The customer is at the center of everything we do, but never in the way. We listen and respond to inputs. You can call, write or visit us. Tens of thousands of customers come back again and again, which makes us happy. That's what we get up for in the morning.

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