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Small but mighty - we are BLACKSOCKS

What makes a company? The people behind it, of course. We are a small team with big ambitions. We set high standards for ourselves and our daily work.

Managing Director

Hermann Lion

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Hermann's Favorite: Calf Sock Classic

It all started with the classic sock. The Original Sockscription was launched in 1999 with the Classic calf sock. Since then, we have been providing first-class footwear and underwear for men.

Customer Service Manager

Aline Keller

Since March 2019 I am a member of the team of BLACKSOCKS.

As a customer service employee, I am there for our customers and ensure that they are always well looked after.

In my free time, I love traveling the world and getting to know new countries. My great passion is singing and I couldn't imagine a world without music.

My favorite product is the Shorty Sneaker Socks. As I only wear sneakers when I'm out and about, the shorties are perfect.

You can reach me at :
Phone: +41 (0)44 201 18 52

Aline's favorite: Shorty sneaker socks

Do you also like wearing sneakers? The Shorty sneaker socks are the perfect length for sneakers and sneakers of all kinds. Blisters on the heels are no longer an issue because the short socks stay in place.

Campaign & Content Manager

Mirjam Nef

I have been part of the BLACKSOCKS-team.

I make sure that the content on the website is always up to date and provide customers with news and special offers.

In my free time, I love playing badminton and squash, and I also enjoy cooking. In summer, however, you can meet me almost every day on the Limmat.

My favorite product - difficult to decide. I especially love the Organic Comfort sockbecause they combine sustainability and comfort in a unique way. And they really are so comfortable!

You can reach me at:
+41 44 201 18 58

Mirjam's favorite: Organic Comfort

The Organic Comfort sock is a smooth-knitted, sporty and elegant sock for every situation. A thin terry towelling lining and the comfort cuff ensure they are always comfortable to wear. The Egyptian cotton with extra-long fibers prevents linting.

Customer Service Manager

Sarah Gerber

Since June 2020 I am a member of the team of BLACKSOCKS and work in both customer service and marketing.

In customer service, I really enjoy being there for our customers.

In addition to my job, I seek balance with my horse.

My favorite product is the merino socks. The orange spices up every outfit.

Sarah's favorite: Merino Wool Socks

Not only outdoor enthusiasts and hikers will enjoy the merino socks. Merino socks are also ideal for the office: They neutralize odours and regulate the temperature for an optimal climate.

The Rohner Socks Team

Since 2023 the BLACKSOCKS SA has been part of Jacob Rohner AG. The entire production and supply chain, as well as many administrative tasks, have since been taken over by them. In any case, our team is really well positioned with a lot of tailwind and continues to ensure a sock-worry-free future for you.


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