Underwear subscription: boxers or briefs delivered regularly free to your door

No more underwear shopping stress! Our BLACKSOCKS underwear subscription is ideal for busy men or anyone who hates underwear shopping in overcrowded stores.

A basic idea with a big impact: “New underwear should be delivered regularly straight to your mailbox – just like a newspaper.” An underwear subscription saves you time – and stress. Choose between different underwear styles and create your own customized underwear subscription. Select the style and size you require and order conveniently online. Then just sit back and wait for your first underwear subscription to be delivered directly to your mailbox. You’ll get another package after four months, then four months later you’ll receive the final delivery of your underwear subscription.

A month before the subscription expires, we’ll get in touch to let you know that it will be automatically renewed for another year – you don't need to do anything else. But if you want to, you can log in to your customer account and cancel or delay your underwear subscription renewal.

All prices include international shipping and have not increased since the company was founded. There are no additional costs. More than 60,000 customers in 75 countries have already signed up.

So why not give the BLACKSOCKS underwear subscription a try today too?