The original sockscription is born

Read the story of the sockscription!

How it all began

Fresh from university, co-founder Samy Liechti had just started his first job as a junior consultant in an advertising agency. Understandably he was unfamiliar with the customs of the business world.

After a short time he was asked to attend an unexpected business meeting with Japanese partners. Realising the importance of this Samy decided it was appropriate to change outfits. From his mound of black socks, two were pulled onto his feet, then his freshly ironed shirt donned and the tie knotted. Thus, full of pride and self-confidence, he ventured into the meeting.


The japanese tea ceremony

The business side of the meeting went according to expectations. However upon conclusion the whole delegation was invited to a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Upon entry in the tea house it became clear that, as is the custom in Japan, shoes had to be removed.

And then it happened. The total embarrassment. A mistake so blatant it could not go unnoticed. Samuel Liechti's socks were odd and as if that were not enough, the big toe shined through the fading fabric on his left foot. He would have given anything to bury his head into the dirt of the bonsai pot and disappear!

There was no avoiding that his hosts, as well as his boss, had noticed his cock-up and so Samy sat there in the lotus position, trying to hide his feet, unable to follow the path of the conversation. In the eyes of the hosts he must have seemed both unkempt and unconnected from reality. In his head screamed one thought: damn socks!

The sockscription is born

After he survived this ordeal and was back on familiar cultural terrain, it became clear to him that situations like this could be avoided. Fate had picked him to remove the personal humiliation of inappropriate socks from the world! Before long the idea of the 'sockscription' was born.

Enjoy a sockscription

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