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Knee socks in grey-blue: colourful elegance up to the knee

Delicate grey-blue knee socks made from mercerised cotton for a distinguished appearance. These elegant Italian knee socks have an extra-broad band, also known as English Cut, to ensure that they never slip.

  • Knee socks made of 100% mercerised cotton, also known as Fil d'Ecosse
  • These knee socks for men are ribbed to ensure particularly good support
  • Knee socks made from elegant materials with the finest workmanship
  • Made in Northern Italy


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Single delivery
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Good for winter
Nov 17, 2017
Kelvin Tso, Tsing Yi
Love the socks and the speedy, excellent service.
May 17, 2017
Michael Bosman, Osaka
Very pleased with the order of socks
Apr 29, 2017
Mark Lampel, Brooklyn
Simply great!!
Apr 25, 2017
Davide Maccabruni, Thalwil
Very good quality socks
Mar 22, 2017
Denise Mayse, Rincon
Nice socks, speedy delivery.
Mar 16, 2017
James Craig, Saintfield
Pleasant and competent of subscription
Feb 25, 2017
Steve Glangé, Bridel
They are very comfortable, do not fall down, and look nice.
Feb 21, 2017
Devon Lupton, Lynchburg
Great quality at a good price!
Nov 29, 2016
Abraham Yudin, Baltimore

Made in Italy

I am a knee sock from Italy. I am made near to Milan with great attention to detail. I am proud of my origins, as I am an Italian knee sock made by a second-generation family business with a fantastic eye for detail.



Refined, shiny – Fil d’Ecosse

I am not made from any old cheap cotton: only once high-quality cotton has been refined is it good enough to be used to make me. This refinement process is called mercerisation. The yarn is treated in a sodium hydroxide bath, where it becomes more resistant, loses volume and gains its distinctive glossy appearance.



Extra-broad band for better support

I have an extra-broad band to help me nestle against your legs without slipping. The broad band and the length of these knee socks are both vital to prevent slipping. Knee socks should enclose the calves to prevent slipping. If you are all grown up, make sure you buy me big enough.


Ribbed knee socks

It is not just a broad band which provides support: I also have a ribbed structure, which is elastic and helps prevent slipping. In addition, I find that my ribbing makes me even more elegant.


100% skin-friendly & allergy-tested

The way I am produced means that you can be sure I will be good to your feet, as I am certified as Oeko Tex Standard 100 and am thus 100% skin-friendly and allergy-tested. Every single step in the production process is documented for the good of your feet.


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