The shirtscription: because a clean shirt is more than just a business outfit

Whether for an important meeting, visiting your parents-in-law or simply because they always look great, white and light-blue shirts are classics in any man’s wardrobe. There are plenty of opportunities for a new shirt – both business and private.

Opt for a shirtscription from BLACKSOCKS! It has never been easier to stay perfectly dressed, and you will save time by avoiding the unnecessary hours of searching for shirts in specialist stores. Our shirtscription is very simple. Choose the size, cut and colour of your shirts online and we will deliver the perfect examples to your door over the course of a year. A parcel containing two shirts will drop through your letterbox shortly after you place the order. Four months later you will receive another delivery of two shirts, and then after another four months will come the final package of your shirtscription.

We will inform you when your subscription is about to expire, giving you the option to allow it to automatically extend by another year. You can cancel or postpone the renewal in your customer account at the click of a mouse.

All prices include shipping worldwide. There are no additional costs. More than 60,000 customers from 75 countries are already having their shirts delivered as an uncomplicated subscription.When will you start saving time and hassle?