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Poloshirt Pierrette Schwarz: Ohne Tier auf der Brust

Pierrette polo shirt: without any logo on the chest

Pierrette is a classic, straight cut polo shirt made from top-quality cotton piqué. The slightly strengthened collar and the ribbed cuffs offer a stable shape and a perfect fit at all times.

  • Classic straight cut
  • 100% cotton (top quality piqué)
  • Meticulous workmanship
  • Slightly strengthened collar ensures a perfect fit
  • Without any animal logo on the chest


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‘Made in Europe’

Although I have a French name, I come from a clothing manufacturer in the European part of Turkey.

This family company, founded in 1978, creates high-quality polo shirts such as me with a great passion for detail, as well as -shirts and underwear from the BLACKSOCKS range.


Top-quality cotton piqué

Meticulous workmanship and the materials used in the manufacturing process are vital to ensure that we make good polo shirts which are comfortable to wear and fit perfectly.

I am made from 100% finest cotton in a breathable piqué weave. This means that I stay in shape and I ensure a pleasant body temperature and a wonderfully comfortable fit at all times.


Without any animal logo on the chest

Crocodile, horse, moose or hare? Preferably none! Those of you fed up of the endless zoo on your chest have come to the right place.

Thanks to my timeless design with a two-hole button line and a side slid in the torso edge, you will be consistently well and comfortably dressed. My slightly strengthened collar also ensures that I always provide a perfect fit.


Also in blue

As well as black, I am also available in blue. And of course, with the same high-quality piqué and without any animal logo on the chest.

Pierrette polo shirt in blue

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