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Our lives are so complicated that something always gets forgotten – such as buying the sock supplies you need. You can of course keep buying your socks from us a pair at a time, but a sockscription is far more convenient. A sockscription provides you with the socks you urgently need without you having to do anything. This dramatically changes the relationship between men and socks: you don’t have to be active, we act for you.

You can choose between the original sockscription with multiple deliveries of three pairs of socks, and the extreme sockscription with one 12-pair delivery per year – so all the socks are the same age. Subscription beats studying.

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I really ought to ….

On average, the unlucky non-subscriber thinks 'I really ought to buy some more socks' twice a week, usually in the morning when getting dressed. During the day, however, he is almost certain to forget all about it. We calculate 30 seconds per thought, which amounts to one minute per week or 52 minutes per year.

Which ones did I buy last time?

If our average non-subscriber should actually remember that he ought to buy some socks, a long search for the right shop and the right style is almost inevitable. Frustration mounts as he discovers that the shop he has taken so long to find no longer stocks the same style or doesn't have his size. We calculate that the average sock-search lasts an hour and takes place every six months, amounting to 120 minutes per year.

Freshly washed but …

Freshly washed socks are a delight to behold, but they still need to be sorted into pairs. The problem is that men's dark socks tend to look almost the same – 'almost' being the operative word. Our field research has revealed that the process of sorting socks takes up about 5 minutes per week. On top of this comes the time spent thinking about this task and having a guilty conscience about not doing it. Let's say that this amounts to an additional 5 minutes per week, making a total of 520 minutes per year.

Freshly washed but …

Dealing with the orphans

Dealing with the orphans

It is common knowledge that socks never disappear in pairs but always individually. This means that lonely, orphaned socks hang around waiting in vain for their partner to reappear. These orphans are regularly pushed to the back of a drawer, but they always make their way to the front again, usually once every two weeks, until the owner loses patience and throws them out. Orphan-processing takes up about 40 minutes per year.

Working it out

The average person without a sockscription spends around 732 minutes or 12.2 hours per year worrying about socks. Take your life expectancy (Central European, male, no particular risk group = 79 years), deduct your current age und multiply the result by 12.2 hours. Thus, the average 40-year-old can save 19.8 days over their remaining 39 years. We want to spare you from all sorts of sock problems in the future, so put the time you save to good use!

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