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Our collaboration with Phillip Fankhauser regularly produces new whimsical and colourful Funky Socks collections. The guitar on the heel shows that they are genuine Funky Socks from the Funky Socks shop. Discover your favourites now and buy your colourful Funky Socks online.

Buy colourful socks online

A bright sunset orange, or a sophisticated red to match your wine – decorated with dots, stripes or checks, every pair of socks tells a tale. You can buy these uniquely patterned socks online in the Funky Socks shop in packs of 1, 2 or 6 pairs and have them delivered to your door. A cheeky flash of these dotted, striped or checked Funky Socks between your shoes and trousers makes for a great conversation piece, leaving dull small talk about the weather for another day. Buy your colourful socks in the Funky Socks shop now.

Buy a box of patterned socks

Be inspired by the range of patterned socks in one of our Funky Boxes and order your colourful socks online today. The Funky Box with two pairs of Funky Socks is perfect for decision-averse people, those with an ‘all or nothing’ attitude or as a gift. Buy your patterned socks now.

Great socks and even better service.
Phil Clarke
Great socks, lot's of fun to wear. Blacksocks is a WIN!
Kevin Ford
Pembroke Pines
Good quality products.
Travis Abreu
Good comfortable socks and yes, so funky and cool ...
Dennis Smaggus
Calgary, AB