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Phase 6: And gone

And gone

Time to say goodbye

Are you one of those people who dry faded flowers and then put them up in your home? If so, you might find it difficult to say goodbye to your old socks.

For everyone else: it's all over now! The things on your feet have more holes than color and are an insult to any self-respecting sock.

Can you still remember what brand new socks feel like on your feet? Then get cracking!


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When do your socks start to... A few stages in the life of...

Just arrived ->

As if freshly plucked

Just arrived


Worn through ->

They love me, they love me not ...

Worn through


The age of your socks

How old are my socks?


Worn in ->

In full bloom

Worn in


Failed ->

When they start getting thin



Care instructions for your socks

How do I care for my socks?


Worn often ->

The odd touch of grey

Worn often


And gone ->

Time to say

Partnership with TEXAID

How can I get rid of my socks?


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