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Phase 3: Worn often

Worn often

The odd touch of grey

Tight shoes, hot washes, sweaty skin - your socks have to put up with a lot. It's no wonder that they are not as fresh as they used to be.

The stars of the sock drawer have become just one of many. They are not quite as deep black as they once were. Their color is fading and now they are more grey than black.

Black Beauty is slowly turning grey. For many sock-wearers, this is reason enough to trade them in for a newer model.


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When do your socks start to... A few stages in the life of...

Just arrived ->

As if freshly plucked

Just arrived


Worn through ->

They love me, they love me not ...

Worn through


The age of your socks

How old are my socks?


Worn in ->

In full bloom

Worn in


Failed ->

When they start getting thin



Care instructions for your socks

How do I care for my socks?


Worn often ->

The odd touch of grey

And gone ->

Time to say goodbye

And gone


Partnership with TEXAID

How can I get rid of my socks?


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