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15% discount on underwear

Refresh your underwear drawer

August 2015

Just back from your holiday nicely tanned and feeling fit, healthy and relaxed, ready to give your all and hit the office with renewed energy again?

BLACKSOCKS helps you retain that revitalised, post-holiday feeling for longer: our underpants and T-shirts made from the finest Pima cotton are soft and silky against your skin to leave you feeling all-round great.

Take the opportunity to refresh your underwear drawer and enjoy a 15% discoun...


Funky Socks Vol. 3 – inject color into summer


April 2015

At last, the new Funky Socks have arrived. They won’t make your life easier, they won’t make it sweeter – but they will make it more colorful.

It’s up to you whether you go for blue like water, yellow like the sun or sandy like the beach. It’s up to you whether you go for striped, dotted or checked.

Don’t want to decide? Order all of the new models at once i...


NEW: top-quality cotton polo shirt

We are starting spring with a new basic for our range: Pierrette is a classic, straight cut polo shirt without an animal logo on the chest.

April 2015

Days are getting longer and sleeves are getting shorter. Just in time for the start of spring, the Pierrette polo shirt in blue and black is back among our range. Pierrette is a convenient everyday companion and creates an elegantly athletic outfit.

Thanks to meticulous workmanship and top-quality 100% cotton piqué, the polo shirt is wonderfully comfortable to wear. And with a strengthened collar and ribbed cuffs, Pierrette fits perfectly at all ...


When do your socks start to fade?

A few stages in the life of a sock

March 2015
Faded flowers end up in the compost. Sour milk goes down the drain. And old socks? They normally end up back on our feet. Put them on or chuck them out? Following are a few stages in the life of a sock which should make this decision easier for you.


In which stage are your socks?


Five-star quality

Let us know what you think.

March 2015

As our customer, you are important to us. We have spent more than 15 years striving daily to improve our products and service. We also like to hear what you think of us. Without holding anything back. Open and transparent.

We receive positive feedback from a wide range of countries every day. This makes us very proud. But enough about us – we want to hear what our customers have to say:

«These socks are s...


Relaxed through the snow

Enjoy an even more relaxed snowy season with fresh clothes.

February 2015

Before the winter holidays began, the weather forecast for many areas was ‘mostly cloudy, snow at even the lowest altitudes’. The lucky ones are already living in the mountains and can enjoy the white splendour.

For everyone else, now is the perfect time to order fresh socks, comfortable underwear


Fresh year, fresh chance, fresh socks

Every major step in life begins with a fresh pair of socks.

January 2015

Every major step in life begins with a fresh pair of socks. Take your first step into the new year in our high-quality socks, and ensure that you are sitting pretty all year round with our sockscription.

Now is the perfect time to make room for something ...


It doesn’t always have to be black

Our bestsellers are available in additional colors

BLACKSOCKS’ most popular sock models – ribbed calf socks, smooth “Business light” socks and English cut knee socks – are now available in additional colours.



Our ladies for underneath


T-shirts, boxers or briefs; our underwear is made of the finest Pima cotton and feels soft and smooth on your skin. Its unique and natural sheen has earned the cotton the name “the silk of South America”. The Pima cotton fibres are longer and thicker, giving our underwear high stability and a top-notch quality.

Try for yourself just how comfortable our t-shirts are
Choose between V-necked, round necked or sleeveless t-shirts. Available in whi...


NEW: Business shirts in light blue

Always ready to make an entrance

April 2014

Looking for the perfect shirt? Then grab this opportunity by the collar and order our top-quality business shirts. Our business shirts are now also available in light blue from our online shop.

Are you looking for a tailored or classic cut shirt? The choice is yours!


Order now!


NEW: Pauline boxer shorts in a fresh design

Pauline boxer shorts – maximum freedom

March 2014

Looking for maximum freedom and a luxuriously comfortable fit? Wanting to escape the black-and-white world of everyday underwear? Then we have the perfect thing for you: classic, wide cut Pauline boxer shorts are now available in a light blue patterned design.


Pauline is the perfect companion for every freedom-loving man and is now available as...


Save time with the sockscription

Are you still buying or are you already relaxed?

Do you know that feeling when niggling sock sorrows mean that you can’t sleep at night and can’t concentrate on your work during the day? Relax - there is a simple formula to combat these sorrows: the sockscription.


Even if you are not experiencing these symptoms, it's worth subscribing to socks


Since 1999: uncompromising quality

Only the best is good enough

February 2014

Treat yourself to the best socks in the world

Do you set great store by quality and continuity? Then you have come to the right place.

Since 1999 we have been strictly ensuring that only the best raw materials are used to produce our socks. This is something regularly seen in...


The sockscription: the key to success

We would like to wish you a successful year 2014!

January 2014

As a new year begins, we look back and take stock. We looked back to discover what makes our customers particularly stand out. And we discovered: BLACKSOCKS customers are successful!

Could it be that our customers are successful thanks to their sockscription, which gives them more time for the important things in life? A sockscription means no more tedious sock buying and sorting ever again.


NEW: socks with stripes

Delicate stripes, not tiny checks

September 2013

The tie is increasingly being left at home. Leaving the tie behind means losing your last remaining splash of colour. So add a lick of paint to your outfit with stylish stripes that offer a discreet rather than flamboyant touch.

Our popular business light socks, made from mercerised cotton, are now also available in two striped designs:
either fully striped


NEW: underwear in blue

Treat yourself to a change

October 2013

Treat yourself to a change

Is your wardrobe longing for an overhaul? Then we have the perfect thing for you: our popular Delphine and Augustine underwear ranges an...


Have you tried our shirts yet?

White business shirts

November 2013

Grab the opportunity by the collar. Order one of the new BLACKSOCKS shirts for yourself or as a gift.

See for yourself how much simpler your life could be when you are not only freed from sock sorrows, but also from shirt sorrows.

What will it be: classic or tapered?
The straight, classic Bastienne with ...


Good is not good enough

The best socks in Switzerland

April 2013

Treat yourself to the best socks in the world!

Is only the best good enough for you? It is for us, too. This is why our sock expert, the Blacksocks Master Sockmaker, persistently strives after ensuring continuity and quality. And the efforts pay off.

For the past ten years, our bestseller from Italy - the classic calf sock - has ranked among the best socks in the world. Thanks to our attention to detail a...


NEW: finest socks in emerald

Precious stones for your feet

April 2013

Treat yourself to the luxury of emeralds on your feet!

Our socks are now available in emerald for a short time only. Everyday life is often grey enough, so treat your feet to the refined radiance of emerald. The pleasant freshness of the emerald colour adds a real boost to your outfit.

We are now offering the BLACKSOCKS classic calf socks made of finest Pima cotton, our elegant knee socks, both ribbed, and our smooth "Bus...


NEW: Smarter Socks

Probably the smartest socks in the world

September 2012

NEW: Socks with RFID-technology

BLACKSOCKS, inventor of the sockscription, is ridding the world of another sock problem by launching the first sock with RFID technology.

Every sock is fitted with a communication button which makes it uniquely identifiable when sorting. After washing, you can pair the socks up correctly using wireless technology and the BLACKSOCKS iPhone app.




Recommend us

and receive a pair of socks for free!

June 2012

Would you recommend us?

80 % of our customers answer this question with a clear 'Yes'. In theory, they would recommend us anytime. In reality, the number of customers who have actually recommended BLACKSOCKS to other people is smaller.

And yet, this word-of-mouth recommendation could be worth your while: you will receive a pair of socks for free for any new customers you recommend us to.




Download now

September 2012

Are your socks midnight black or foggy grey?

If you want to know if your socks are midnight black or just foggy grey, use the BLACKSOCKS app and the iPhone camera to take a black reading. A traffic light system appears on the screen to make clear whether the socks are still wearable (or still bearable). The BLACKSOCKS iPhone app can be downloaded as of now from your iPhone or via iTunes.

Don't hesitate, download it now:


Urban comfort socks

A new level of comfort

October 2011

Your business socks have never been so sporty

Urban Comfort is the sporty business sock from BLACSOCKS for men who want to be well dressed whatever the occasion.

The best way to walk is on a soft surface: Urban Comfort socks have a soft terry sole and smooth finish, making them really comfortable to wear. The comfort cuff stops them cutting into the ankle. Socks do not get much more comfortable than this.



T-shirts made from Pima cotton

V-neck or round neck

Our t-shirts are made from the finest Pima cotton and have a perfect fit.

Test their feel and let Suzette, Babette, Antoinette and Colette seduce you! Choose between V-necked, round necked or sleeveless t-shirts. They are available in white and black.

Our underwear made from Pima cotton is completely skin-friendly and allergy-tested, of course.

Pima cotton: high comfort of wear

Its unique and natural sheen has earned the cot...


The smooth light one

Business light socks

Unlike the classical calf socks, the Business light is not ribbed, is significantly thinner and yet hard-wearing and opaque. The high proportion of mercerised cotton – also known as fil d’Ecosse – provides a silky, wash-resistant sheen and high durability.

The socks are manufactured in northern Italy. They meet the requirements of the Oeko-Tex 100 standard and are thus non-irritating to the skin and allergy-tested.

Like all our products, the Business light ...


Subscribe & Save Time

20 extra days of free time

As a BLACKSOCKS customer and sockscriber, you recognise the value of a sockscription and appreciate the convenience of no longer having to shop around for socks:

Unlimited luxury – a life free of sock stress and 20 extra days of free time!

Year after year, valuable hours, even days, are wasted on recurring thoughts such as “I really ought to ...” and “Which ones did I buy last time?”, not to mention the nerve-wracking task of sorting out mismatched ...


Excellent comfort of wear

In different colors

Our calf socks are winners of a consumer test survey and the bestsellers of the BLACKSOCKS line.

They are made from the most high-quality cotton types in the world: Pima cotton - also called "the silk of South America." This cotton is characterized by its high stability and tension resistant strength. Thanks to the cotton's long fibers, the socks become linty less quickly and are more durable.

Our classic calf socks: now available in black, navy, gr...


Customer Favorite

Over one million pairs sold!

Back in 1999, we launched the sockscription, a completely new idea designed to free men from sock stress. In 2008 – thanks to you – we have a good reason to celebrate: The delivery of our one millionth pair of calf socks!

At first, our vision of a world free of sock stress was dismissed as a lunatic idea, but word soon spread and a growing number of satisfied customers helped to carry the idea of a sock subscription out into the world. We now supply socks to 60,000...


Online since 1999

Socks on subscription

In 1999, in order to rid the world of sock sorrows, we founded BLACKSOCKS and launched the sockscription. We now send socks – and since 2007 we have also been sending underwear – all around the world.

To celebrate our anniversary, we have rummaged the archives and dug out a few anecdotes. Would you like to draw your own picture of our story?

Never enough socks in your drawer?

Never buy socks again, never sort out socks again. You t...


Feedback is welcome!

Let your opinion be known!

We appreciate any feedback or details that you can provide about sock delivery service. Please tell us all about it.

I give my opinion!


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