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Frequently Asked Questions


    If you subscribe to the Sockscription program, you regularly get 3 pairs of socks delivered to your home free of charge. You may choose between 3, 4 or 6 deliveries of 3 pairs of socks a year.
    Sockscription is also available as a gift option.
    This sock subscription offers you black mid-calf socks, black knee-high socks, black cashmere silk socks or shorty. All of our socks are black.

  • How can I subscribe to the sockscription programme?

    There are 3 different ways of subscribing to the sockscription programme:
    1. online: order socks from our online shop
    2. by e-mail: send an e-mail to
    3. by phone: call +41 (0)848 252 257

  • Why can I not just order a 10 pack?

    Let’s face it: who really enjoys buying socks? Nobody. With our sock subscription, you are always provided with what you need when you need it. This means less trouble and more time for yourself.

    A 10 pack merely fights the symptoms. At this very moment, you’ve got everything you need, but soon the socks will be gone and your problems are back. Don’t forget: socks disappear in the most mysterious ways. They get eaten by washing machines, are left behind in hotel rooms, are perforated by toe nails, ripped, full of holes…

    Blacksocks, however, wants your problems to be solved in the long term - by regularly providing you with brand new socks. We do offer 10 packs, however rather regard them as a starter kit to the sock subscription programme.

  • When will I receive my delivery or subsequent delivery?

    You will receive the first delivery immediately. Any delivery we receive by 2.30 pm is sent out the very same day. We deliver trial socks and subscriptions by priority letter post. For deliveries within Switzerland, the usual lead time is 1 working day, for deliveries within Europe it is 4 working days.

    Starter kits are treated like parcels, which is why the delivery may take a few days longer.
    Subsequent deliveries are released in line with the requested delivery rhythm and taken to the post office every two weeks. If you need more detailed information, please check your socks account for the next delivery date.

    Subsequent deliveries are sent by Economy (or B-) mail, which may take a bit longer. In your socks account, you can also check if your sock delivery has already been released.

  • How can I unsubscribe?

    Before renewing your subscription, we send you an e-mail. This e-mail offers you various options to choose from, among others our point-and-click cancellation. You may also cancel your subscription directly in your customer account.

    Alternatively you can send an e-mail to We will confirm your cancellation in an e-mail.

    Of course you may also call us (+41 (0) 848 252 257) or send a letter (BLACKSOCKS SA, Seefeldstr. 301a, CH-8008 Zurich). We are interested in knowing the reasons for your unsubscribing from our sock delivery service.

  • Has your subscription been renewed without your knowledge?

    Just send us an e-mail to There are two basic options to choose from:

    1. If you wish to keep the received goods, we will charge you the first delivery of the subscription.
    2. If you don't want to keep the received goods, we would like to ask you to please return them to us. The address is: BLACKSOCKS SA, Seefeldstr. 301a, CH-8008 Zurich.

  • Is SOCKSCRIPTION™ also available as a gift option?

    Sockscription is an excellent gift idea. We offer the following 2 options:

    1. Gift voucher:


    You can order a gift voucher through our website, where you can also individualize your gift by adding a personal message of max. 200 characters (a bit more than a text message). The voucher is immediately sent to you as a PDF file by e-mail. You have the option of printing out your voucher in order to personally present it to the respective person, or of forwarding it to that person by e-mail. The recipient may redeem the voucher at any time by entering a code on our website.

    IMPORTANT: When entering an order, please indicate the giver of the gift in the “customer address” box and the recipient’s e-mail address in the “e-mail address” box.

    2. Gift subscription:

    Unlike the gift voucher system, deliveries belonging to the gift subscription system are sent directly to the recipient. The identity of the giver of the gift is clear to see for the recipient.

    With the gift subscription, you may add a personal message. Moreover, you can tag the first delivery (e.g. birthday). We always deliver on the exact date required, except for Mondays and Sundays. Since we send our deliveries by priority letter post, we are proud to say that we reach this goal in over 90 percent of cases.

    If you wish to have the first batch of the gift subscription delivered to your home in order to hand over the gift yourself, please click on the option "send the first delivery to the gift giver".

    Furthermore, Blacksocks offers you the option of choosing the business courtesy delivery. If you choose to order a business courtesy delivery, we are happy to print the company logo onto the individual delivery slips (B/W), to deliver on the exact date required and to add personalized messages. We offer the business courtesy option for orders as of 25 items with any subscription version. For more information please contact our customer service.

  • Which countries do you deliver in?

    BLACKSOCKS delivers socks by letter post (Priority). Everywhere in the world, letter post is reliable and comparatively fast, which is why we offer worldwide deliveries. Thus far, we have delivered to more than 75 countries within Europe, the US, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia.

  • When do I receive my delivery?

    The lead time for deliveries within Switzerland on working days is usually no more than 48 hrs, to the European Union about 4 days and overseas it may be as long as 14 days.

  • Postal charges?

    All prices include applicable tax, postage and delivery.

  • How can I redeem a voucher?

    First, you add the selected product to the shopping cart and then proceed to “checkout”. Our vouchers are imprinted with a code, which you enter on the payment page at the end of the order process.

    redeem voucher

  • What do I need to do in order to obtain my bonus socks?

    As you surely know, each customer who has been recommended to us by someone else and who takes out a subscription or orders a starter kit, earns 1 pair of bonus socks. In order for us to know the identity of the intermediary, we need you to fill in the “Recommended by” box with explicit details. If this is granted, the subscriber receives a pair of bonus socks with the next delivery.

    If there are no deliveries pending at that moment, we send the bonus socks in a separate delivery. If you wish to find out if you have been registered for a pair of bonus socks, you may log onto your socks account. If you think you have recommended someone but never received any bonus socks, please send an e-mail to our customer service.

    Bonus socks

  • How can I pay?

    Apart from payment by credit card, using Paypal or redeeming miles from Miles & More, customers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein may also pay by invoice. Our customers from Germany may also use the automatic debit transfer system.

  • Which sizes do we offer?

    Our socks are available in the sizes 34 to 52. Our underwear is available in the sizes Small to XX-Large. Please take a look at our size chart.

  • How can I use or collect “Miles & More” miles?

    Using miles
    You can change the currency by clicking on “Currency”. The prices are then shown in miles.

    change currency

    At the end of the order process, you can enter your Miles & More customer number and the respective PIN code, and your miles account is charged the miles needed for the transaction.

    Redeem miles

    Collecting miles
    When taking out a subscription, you can collect between 500 and 2550 Miles & More miles. At the end of an order process, you will see the total amount of miles you will receive, as well as a box where you may enter your “Miles & More” customer number. You can only collect miles with subscription offers – all other products such as starter kits, trial and taster packages do not grant you this option.

    For more information please contact our customer service.

  • More questions?

    If you have further questions please contact our customer service!

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