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Cooperation with TEXAID

TEXAID is a working community organized around six charities which aims to collect old clothes throughout Switzerland with a view to reusing the textiles.

BLACKSOCKS has been working together with TEXAID for a few years. Together with our customers, we are making a contribution towards saving the environment and providing aid in developing countries: you regularly clear out your sock drawers and send the worn out socks to TEXAID. We can provide the incentive by paying the postage costs for you.

BLACKSOCKS gives and takes away

The sockscription means our customers are regularly sent new socks.

They unpack them and put them in their drawers. To make sure the drawer doesn't overflow with socks, we send sockscription holders a pre-printed label addressed to TEXAID together with their new socks. All they need to do is fill up the box their socks came in with the socks they no longer need, stick the label on it and put it in the nearest post box. They don't even need to pay the postage; we at BLACKSOCKS take care of that.

By donating their old socks, our customers are reaping benefits several times over:

  • They are decluttering their drawers
  • They are no longer wearing worn out socks
  • They are helping to donate to charity by allowing TEXAID to reuse the textiles
  • They are contributing to sustainable use of textile resources by means of recycling
  • They are even helping to dispose of the packaging properly
  • They are helping to create jobs in Switzerland
Saving the environment
Saving the environment

More information on TEXAID can be found here.

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