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Socks from top-quality raw materials

Socks perform hard labour every day: long working hours, a warm and humid climate, lots of friction – only the best can be good enough. Our socks are made from top-quality raw materials and can withstand great stress. Discover the exceptional quality of our socks for yourself.

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How is quality made?


A series of top marks


Made in Italy

The Maître Chaussettier makes sure that our socks are of impeccable quality and does not rest until he is satisfied with the results.   In independent tests, our best-selling traditional calf sock has been among the best socks in Switzerland for years. The other styles have not yet been tested.   BLACKSOCKS is proud of the fact that all its products are made in Europe. The majority of our socks are produced in a factory in Northern Italy.    

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>> Made in Italy

Good is not good enough - how quality is made   Testresults   Made in Italy    


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Quality also means you can find the right size. Our styles are available in up to 7 sizes to make sure the perfect fit for every size. We also cater for men with big feet: our best-sellers are available in shoe sizes of up to 52.   All our products, i.e. our socks, underwear and shirts, are produced to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.   Tell people about BLACKSOCKS. We will give you a pair of socks and a warm glow from having freed someone else of their sock sorrows.    
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When do your socks start to fade?



Holiday Gift Idea for Men



The history of socks

Faded flowers end up in the compost. Sour milk goes down the drain. And old socks? They normally end up back on our feet. Put them on or chuck them out?   Blacksocks offers the ultimate in holiday presents for the men in your life.   From the Middle Ages to the Internet Age - the sockscription frees mankind from sock stress!    

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>> History of socks

The life of a sock   Holiday Gift Ideas   History of socks    


How old are your socks



The same price since 1999



Sock survival tips

In order to be able to check our production batches, we have incorporated a systematic 'weave fault' into the heel of our socks. This is a kind of 'barcode' which provides information on the year the socks were made.   The price of socks has remained the same for twelve years. The classic sockscription still costs just 98 francs, the same as it did in 1999.   To make sure you enjoy a long and pleasurable sock experience we have collated our five vital sock survival tips.    

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«My husband LOVES these socks. He is a picky sock person and these are the best »

Sarah Dixon, Newnan, GA

«Love the socks! And the athletic socks are far more comfortable»

Jason Neff, Topeka, Kansas

«Best socks ever. Worth every penny! They last and don't lose color.»

Barry O, New York, NY



«Very nice of you to replace the socks.»

Joe Sammut, Auburn

«First time here. Very ineresting and navicable web system.»

John Cifala, Mount Vernon, WA

«BRILLLIANT idea! I especially like the ability to customize the frequency»

C S, Ann Arbor