The concept:

«Like a newspaper, you receive socks through the letterbox at regular intervals. Ideally, always the same design.»

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Why does this require a sockscription?

Quite simply, because:
  • No-one likes buying socks.
  • Everyone constantly needs socks.
  • No-one likes sorting socks after the wash.
  • Individual sock orphans will always find a pair!
Solve your sock problems

How does the sockscription work?

It’s very simple:
  • You choose your favourite design and size.
  • You choose the delivery interval, e.g. three deliveries of three pairs.
    • Shortly after ordering, you will receive three pairs of socks through your letterbox.
    • Four months later, you receive another delivery of socks.
    • Then, after another four months, the final delivery.
  • One month before renewal, we will inform you that the sockscription is about to be renewed.
  • You can cancel or postpone the renewal in your customer account.
  • Unless we hear from you otherwise, after a year, the sockscription will be renewed for a further year.

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How much does the sockscription cost?

The same as 15 years ago. The most popular sockscription with three deliveries of three pairs of classic calf socks is available for CHF 98 / EUR 66 including shipping.

We have not increased our prices since 1999.

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How much time will I save with the sockscription?

The sooner you subscribe to this service, the more time you will save. We have taken the time to investigate this in detail: you will save more than half a day per year.

A twenty-year subscription therefore gives you three weeks’ holiday.

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«My husband LOVES these socks. He is a picky sock person and these are the best »

Sarah Dixon, Newnan, GA

«Love the socks! And the athletic socks are far more comfortable»

Jason Neff, Topeka, Kansas

«Very nice of you to replace the socks.»

Joe Sammut, Auburn

«I love these undershirts. Quality and price fit as well as the cut. »

Guido B., Switzerland

«The shirt Suzette is all around perfect: material, cut, price.»

Niklaus M., Switzerland

«Super cut and very comfortable to wear.»

Thomas G., Switzerland

«Shirt Antoinette: good quality and comfortable to wear.»

Thomas B., Switzerland

«The received shirts fit superbly in cut and quality.»

Georg D., Switzerland

«Tested the shirt. I am very pleased with it.»

Walter R., Switzerland

«First time here. Very ineresting and navicable web system.»

John Cifala, Mount Vernon, WA

«Best socks ever. Worth every penny! They last and don't lose color.»

Barry O, New York, NY

«Very comfortable. Worth the price.»

Jerry Zymny, San Clemente, Ca

«Great Socks! Phenomenal customer service! You've won a customer for life.»

Chris Yost, Virginia Beach

«BRILLLIANT idea! I especially like the ability to customize the frequency»

C S, Ann Arbor

Gift sockscription

Can I also purchase the sockscription as a gift?

Of course. Thanks to multiple deliveries throughout the year, with the sockscription, you will be constantly remembered as a generous gift-giver.

A personalised greeting message allows you to give every sock delivery a personal note and ensures that you will never be forgotten!

More information on the gift sockscription

socks as a gift

Can I also purchase multiple sockscriptions as gifts?

The sockscription is perfect as a gift for customers or employees. The sockscription will ensure that you remain in the memory for an entire year.

We offer many customisation options and interesting discount pricing for orders of 20 or more. We would be happy to advise you.

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Are there also subscriptions for underwear, T-shirts and shirts?

Of course. There is ultimately also a lot of time to be saved in buying underwear, T-shirts and shirts. As well as our entire sock range, these products are therefore also available in the usual luxury of a subscription.


Who invented it?

We did, of course. An embarrassing situation in the past prompted us to investigate the topic of humans and socks more closely. We discovered the true difficulties of bringing humans and fresh socks together. Read the whole story.

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