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The interaction between the socks with a communication button, the Sock Sorter and an iPhone app, makes sorting socks child's play.

NEW: Smarter Socks - probably the smartest socks in the world


Sorting socks


Measuring black levels


Managing your sock account


Socks with a Plus+


Our best-selling black calf socks are now available in the Plus+ version. The Plus+ is a communication button in the form of an RFID chip. The chip is a unique identifier for every sock.

Together, the Sock Sorter we have developed and our iPhone app mean that nothing can go wrong and your iPhone can communicate with your socks.


We developed the blackometer for our free iPhone app. The blackometer uses the camera on your iPhone to measure how black your socks are.

In order to take the ambient light conditions into consideration, the first step is to calibrate the camera using a white sheet of paper before measuring the black level.



As a BLACKSOCKS customer, you can use the free app to manage your sock account and, of course, to place more orders.

It gives you all the convenience of your Sock Account on the website.


Our test winner and best seller is now available in a Plus+ option, which means they come with a communication button (RFID).

This button communicates with the Sock Sorter we have developed by means of NFC (Near Field Communication). This then communicates with your iPhone via Bluetooth.


Product in shop


Sorting Plus+ socks

As soon as your Plus+ socks arrive, you need to pair them up using the app and the Sock Sorter.

From now on, your iPhone knows which socks belong together and knows all sorts of details about the individual socks.


Measuring black levels

The measurement results come in the form of a traffic light system. So you don't need to be a specialist to interpret the results.

Because of the complexity of the task, the traffic lights can sometimes produce contradictory results. If this happens, simply try again.


My account

What use is managing your account if you cannot buy new socks. So we have built a shop into our app too. For the sake of simplicity, it is just a Sock Shop.


Socks in the Plus+ version

We have developed the Sock Sorter so your iPhone understands your socks. You only have to connect it to your iPhone via Bluetooth.


Sorting Plus+ socks


Traffic light system


Sock shop


Sock Sorter

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