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White tank top Colette

The classic tank top made from high-quality Pima cotton

Tank top - Colette
The fine-ribbed Colette is made from 100% Pima cotton. The high-quality Pima cotton, the careful manufacture and the most comfortable cuts meet the highest quality requirements and guarantee best comfort of wear.

The tank tops are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are thus allergy-tested and 100% non-irritating to the skin. Colette is manufactured in Europe.

These tank tops are available in white, in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large.

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Double test pack for $47.
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By Brooks Brooks Williams from Dallas on Feb 23, 2015

These wool sock specifically suck. they don't wrap tight around your feet. and they don't make your feet feel warm, and they tend to feel loose. TBH the other normal black socks are good.

By Peter Gali from Nairobi on Dec 13, 2014

Really!! Free shipment WORDWIDE!! Awesome?

By Delise Coleman from Rose Bay, NSW on Oct 12, 2014

My husband enjoys the comfort of the socks and T-shirts. The brilliant white and new blue look smart under shirts too.

By Peter B. from Oldenburg on Feb 6, 2013

5 stars!

By Thomas L. from Zürich on Jan 22, 2013

I am wearing one of your white t-shirts today for the first time: really comfortable and top-notch quality. I am really impressed by how comfortable it is, the quality of the material and the length, which means it doesn't come untucked all the time. I'm wearing the Colette.