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Pima Cotton - The Silk Of South America

Pima Baumwolle

For over 10 years, we have been using one of the best quality cotton yarns - Pima cotton - for our most successful product, our calf socks. This type of cotton, which is particularly popular in Peru, has extraordinarily long fibers.

Pima cotton has a smooth silky feeling, which is why it is known as the «silk of South America».
In addition to high quality of the fibers, the plant itself is fungus-resistant, requiring fewer pesticides needed, which is much better for the environment.

Quality you can feel

Our top quality Pima cotton provides many product benefits. There is reduced fraying and peeling on the finished products because of the long cotton fibers. The silky properties of the cotton allow for the socks to be extremely comfortable to wear.

We have had excellent experience from our calf socks made of Pima cotton, and this is reason enough for us to offer other products in the same high quality Pima cotton. Which is why we are now making our entire underwear range and these t-shirts from the «silk of South America» too.

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Calf socks made of Pima cotton

Calf socks made of Pima cotton

Our bestseller is available in black, charcoal greybrown and navy.

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