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The new Shorty sneaker socks

Perfect for the summer

June 2014

Extra-thin, ultra-light and barely visible: our popular Shorty sneaker socks with a soft terry sole are now available in a new design. Thanks to a smaller spoiler at the back and a lower edge, the shorties now disappear almost entirely into your shoes

Shorty sneaker socks are perfect for sunny days and offer a wonderfully comfortable fit thanks to a high proportion of cotton. See for yourself!





Don’t throw your money away

Cheap can become expensive very quickly.

Cheap can become expensive very quickly, which is why we have spent 15 years focusing on top quality at a reasonable price. This allows you to enjoy the quality of our products for longer and delays the need to invest in replacements.

We also have not increased our prices for 15 years, meaning that our socks have become increasingly good value in relation to the cost of living.

Don’t throw your money away. Invest in high-quality socks


BLACKSOCKS short-sleeved shirts – perfect for the summer

Short sleeves the whole summer long

June 2014

Looking for a comfortable and elegant shirt which helps you make a confident entrance even when summer temperatures kick in? Then we have the perfect thing for you: the new Adrienne short-sleeved shirt is now available in the colours of white and light blue.

Classic cut, tried-and-tested business collar, top-quality materials and careful workmanship: these qualities make Adrienne the perfect companion for your casual daily business routine or for ...


NEW: Business shirts in light blue

Always ready to make an entrance

April 2014

Looking for the perfect shirt? Then grab this opportunity by the collar and order our top-quality business shirts. Our business shirts are now also available in light blue from our online shop.

Are you looking for a tailored or classic cut shirt? The choice is yours!


Order now!


NEW: Pauline boxer shorts in a fresh design

Pauline boxer shorts – maximum freedom

March 2014

Looking for maximum freedom and a luxuriously comfortable fit? Wanting to escape the black-and-white world of everyday underwear? Then we have the perfect thing for you: classic, wide cut Pauline boxer shorts are now available in a light blue patterned design.


Pauline is the perfect companion for every freedom-loving man and is now available as...


Save time with the sockscription

Are you still buying or are you already relaxed?

Do you know that feeling when niggling sock sorrows mean that you can’t sleep at night and can’t concentrate on your work during the day? Relax - there is a simple formula to combat these sorrows: the sockscription.


Even if you are not experiencing these symptoms, it's worth subscribing to socks


NEW: socks with stripes

Delicate stripes, not tiny checks

September 2013

The tie is increasingly being left at home. Leaving the tie behind means losing your last remaining splash of colour. So add a lick of paint to your outfit with stylish stripes that offer a discreet rather than flamboyant touch.

Our popular business light socks, made from mercerised cotton, are now also available in two striped designs:
either fully striped


Have you tried our shirts yet?

White business shirts

November 2013

Grab the opportunity by the collar. Order one of the new BLACKSOCKS shirts for yourself or as a gift.

See for yourself how much simpler your life could be when you are not only freed from sock sorrows, but also from shirt sorrows.

What will it be: classic or tapered?
The straight, classic Bastienne with ...


NEW: Smarter Socks

Probably the smartest socks in the world

September 2012

NEW: Socks with RFID-technology

BLACKSOCKS, inventor of the sockscription, is ridding the world of another sock problem by launching the first sock with RFID technology.

Every sock is fitted with a communication button which makes it uniquely identifiable when sorting. After washing, you can pair the socks up correctly using wireless technology and the BLACKSOCKS iPhone app.




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