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Our luxury dress socks are made up of 74% mercerized cotton; while our knee socks are 100%. Mercerized cotton is also known as “pearl” cotton and the age old process produces a luxurious and stronger fabric.

Lustrous appearance, stronger fabric, easier to dye

The mercerization process began over a century ago. The cotton is treated with sodium hydroxide and it is then neutralized with another process. The fibers first expand and then become 25% shorter, resulting in a stronger and more stable fabric. The fibers take on a silky sheen, allowing them to be wash-resistant and easier to dye. The stronger fibers are also mildew resistant. Cotton with long fiber lengths responds best to mercerization.


Mercerization is an expensive process and is only used for high quality textiles.

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Our Business light

Non-ribbed calf socks made of 74 % mercerized cotton.

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