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Series of good test results Calf Socks (ribbed)
Series of good test results

Millions of pairs sold and given consistently good ratings by leading Swiss consumer magazines.

81% Pima cotton
18% polyamide  1% lycra®

Calf socks in black Calf socks in navy Calf socks in grey/anthracite Calf socks in brown

3 pairs of socks for
CHF 35.-/€ 24.-/£ 15.-


Smooth & Light Calf Socks (not ribbed)
Smooth & Light

«Business light» - the lightweight thin dress socks feature an overall smooth texture, with no ribbing.

74% mercerised cotton
24% polyamide  2% lycra®

Business light socks in blackBusiness light socks in emeraldBusiness light fully stripedBusiness light half striped

3 pairs of socks for
CHF 38.-/€ 25.-/£ 17.-


Fine & Regulating Merino Wool Socks
Fine & Regulating

When it's hot, they cool you down and when it's cold, they warm you up.

74% Merino wool
25% polyamide

Merino Wool socks in black

3 pairs of socks for
CHF 54.-/€ 42.-/£ 30.-


Fine & Luxurious Cashmere Silk Socks
Fine & Luxurious

Our cashmere socks are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. We recommend hand washing in cold water only.

58% Cashmere
25% Silk  17% polyamide

Cashmere Silk socks in black

3 pairs of socks for
CHF 92.-/€ 62.-/£ 34.-


Long & Elegant Knee Socks (ribbed)
Long & Elegant

Non-slip properties successfully proven at the Berlin Marathon. Skin-tight on the calves, the knee socks hardly slip at all.

100% mercerized cotton

Knee socks in black Knee socks in anthraciteKnee socks in emerald

3 pairs of socks for
CHF 45.-/€ 29.-/£ 21.-


Sporty & Athletic Shorty Sneaker Socks
Sporty & Athletic

The socks have a soft frottée sole and a spoiler for not slipping in your shoes while running.

87% cotton
12% polyamide   1% lycra®

Sneaker Socks in black

3 pairs of socks for
CHF 35.-/€ 24.-/£ 15.-


Made from finest Merino wool, providing both good insulation and high moisture absorbency. The silver ions have an antibacterial effect and reduce unpleasant odours.

44% Merino wool  23% polyacrylics
14% polyamide  6% Silver
13% polypropylene

Ski socks in black

1 pair of socks for
CHF 42.-/€ 29.-/£ 19.-


Organic cotton Urban Comfort Socks
Organic cotton

With a soft terry sole. Good for your feet and your conscience, as they are made from fair-trade organic cotton.

75% organic cotton
23% polyamide   2% lycra®

Shortys in Schwarz

3 pairs of socks for
CHF 54.-/€ 42.-/£ 35.-


We deliver free of charge worldwide. All products are also available as a gift.
All socks are certified by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.